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Fantasy News of the Week- 10/11

Colston expected to

  That’s questionable!

Saints wide receiver Marques Colston has to be itching to get back on the field
in the wake of the embarrassing miscues his offense showcased on Monday night
against the Vikings.

  Well, according to

The Times-Picayune Colston may just be
ready to make his presence felt on Sunday against the Raiders.

  He talked about how his thumb feels, “It
actually feels a lot better than I expected it to this early on,” said
Colston, who had the cast removed from his surgically repaired thumb late last
week. “I really don’t feel it out there, and I’m catching the ball well.
It really doesn’t feel like I’m trying to catch the ball any

  Colston is listed on
the injury report as questionable, but coach Sean Payton said that he will be
definitely activated for Sunday’s game.

Don’t expect Colston to make a big impact just yet, but do expect him to
play a little, primarily as a decoy to open up the deep passing lanes down the
middle of the field.

  To be safe fantasy
owners should not use him until he gets back in rhythm with the offense.


Maroney gives reporters a big stiff arm,
at first.


Laurence Maroney’s shoulder may be worse than people expect;
either that or he’s pulling a Vince Young.

So when reporters swarmed him before practice on Friday asking the
typical “why this” and “why that” questions he responded by saying nothing at
first, but then set the record straight about his confidence in dealing with
his issues.

  “Well, all I can say is
that I’m trying,” he said. “That’s all I can do at the end of the
day, no matter what the media say, how they perceive me, how the fans perceive
me. At the end of the day, that’s all I can do.

If I was out here not trying, that’s one thing. But I’m actually out
here trying to do what I can do,” he continued. “So, I don’t really
care what everybody else says. The coaches know the issue. I know the issue.
And we’re trying to make the issue better, if we can.”

  Hey, at least fantasy owners know he’s
trying, but that may not be good enough.

Maroney is averaging 3.3 yards per carry, and has recorded just 93 yards
in three games.

  To say he’s
underperforming would be an understatement.

The worst part is that the Patriots could really use a leader on offense
to carry them while Tom Brady sits the bench the rest of the season.

  Overall, fantasy owners should not use
Maroney until he settles his issues and returns to fantasy glory.

Ravens plan to hammer the nail that is the Colts run defense.

The Baltimore Ravens are a team that is built around great
defense and patient smash mouth offense.

And there will be no better example of this than when they take on the
high octane offense and the putrid run defense of the Indianapolis Colts this

  Will they pass the test?

  That remains to be seen, but according to the

Indy Star the Colts defense knows
that the Ravens won’t be hesitant to run, run, run all over their 32nd
ranked run stuffers. 

knows when you’re playing the Colts, you’re going to run the ball,” said
cornerback Tim Jennings.

  “They have
more of a smash-mouth, downhill running game. They have big backs and big
offensive linemen,” Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy said. “They
try to pound right at you. We’re going to have to bow up and get ready to play

Le’Ron McClain owners should
be salivating right about now, as this Ravens running back will probably be the
one who will pound the ball through the heart of the Colts defense keeping Mr.
Manning and company off the field for as long as possible.

  Add to that the big play ability of Willis
McGahee and you have a recipe for big fantasy points from the Ravens rushing
attack this week in Indy.




wants to catch passes.

Puzzled— it’s the only word that can best describe the feeling
fantasy owners are experiencing when it comes to 49ers tight end Vernon

  For the second time this season
the former first round pick and massive specimen was held scoreless and without
a single reception.

  What gives?

  “There were three guys chasing

down the field,” Mike Martz said, as reported by


Sacramento Bee, when he was asked about a play that left Delanie
Walker wide open against the Patriots.

But is that the only reason?

“I never did pass protection as much … as I’m doing now,”


  Martz insists that

is one of the best blocking tight ends he’s ever seen, but obviously he hasn’t
seen how good of a receiver he can be as well.

“I want to help out as much as I can as far as catching

Davis said.
“That’s what I’m here to do – make plays. That’s what I want to do. I
guess there’s really nothing you can do if you’ve got two or three guys running
with you. The only thing you probably can do is come up with different ways to
give me the ball or something like that.”

Fantasy owners can only take so many donuts before they become sick and
go find something or someone else who tickles their fantasy football fancy

  While I do believe

will come around eventually, fantasy owners can’t afford to wait, especially
during a time where every point counts.


Orlovsky slated to
start for Lions?

The Detroit Lions have been sacked, literally.

They’re 0-4 going on 0-16, have absolutely no answer on defense, and now
may be without their starting quarterback Jon Kitna.

  Insert Dan Orlovsky, who according to the

Detroit Free Press, per wide receiver
Mike Furrey, is gaining the players’ confidence.

  “I think right now he is our quarterback
going into Sunday, isn’t he?” receiver Mike Furrey said of Orlovsky.
“I mean, that’s how we’re looking at it. That’s how he’s in the huddle
right now, and that’s how we’re respecting him. We’re getting ready to play
with him. We know Jon, and if Jon is ready to go, we know Jon. But right now
we’re counting on Danny, and Danny’s been around this system for a long time,
and he knows the system inside and out. He looked pretty comfortable in there
on Sunday. He gained our confidence for sure, and we’re looking forward to
going in with him and trying to get a victory.”

  Kitna will be a gameday decision, but who
cares, right?


  Calvin Johnson owners have to be hoping Kitna
comes back.

  Johnson was targeted four
times while Kitna was in at quarterback in the first half of last week’s
contest with the Bears, but was targeted just twice when Dan Orlovsky took over
the duties in the second half.

  If you are to
start any Lion this week, just make sure his name is either Calvin or


They’re the only players worth the gamble
against the Vikings suspect pass defense.

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