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Fantasy News of the Week-11/8

Rodgers aims to
conquer the Metrodome.

Vikings horns will be roaring, the crowd will be loud, and the field will be

  It’s the Vikings 12th
man, and according to
it’s something that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wants to conquer this
Sunday; something that old number four struggle with early in his green and
gold career.

  “I think it definitely
is an issue,” Rodgers said Wednesday about the environment that awaits him
and the Packers. “They definitely throw you. It definitely acts like a
12th man because it’s just another element that you’ve got to deal with.

  But an offense that’s communicating well can
thrive in that environment.”

the Packers offense did move the ball well in last week’s loss to the undefeated
Tennessee Titans, there were times of miss-communication between the
quarterback and his receivers, and bad throws resulted because of it.

  It’s something that will need to be fixed
before Sunday’s showdown with the purple and gold, but wide receiver Donald
Driver doesn’t think it’s a matter of Rodgers himself pressing too much.

  “I don’t think he’s panicking,”
Driver said. “I think that’s the key word because with Aaron he knows the
mistakes. I don’t think anyone needs to tell him the mistakes he made. He sees
it on film and I think the biggest thing he felt this week was to come out and
not make those same mistakes. But we need to help him out also. We’ve had way
too many drops.”

  Overall, Rodgers
has been playing very well this season and has the Packers right in the hunt
for the NFC North title.

  As for this
game— the Packers quarterback must find a way to defeat the 12th

man, and limit the mistakes.

  The good
news for Rodgers is that the Vikings defense is notorious for allowing big
plays; something that number 12 should be able to expose with his big arm, and
a number 85 running down the field.


Bradley is in a good
spot, for now.


Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mark Bradley gained the attention of NFL
and fantasy owners alike last weekend when he threw a touchdown pass to
quarterback Tyler Thigpen.

  But according
to the

Kansas City Star that’s not all that Bradley is thinking about.

  After being released in late
September from a Bears team that could really use a solid receiving option,
Bradley found a new home in Kansas City and has shown the NFL world that he is
worthy of being an impact player at his position.

  “People still ask me to this day what
happened in

Chicago,” he said, “but
it doesn’t matter what happened in

The fact is, I was there, I’m gone, and now I’m a Kansas City Chief.

  I look at it this way: When you’re out there
on the field, you’re not just playing for your club. If that team is not having
you in their plans for the future, you’re playing for 31 other teams.

was one of those teams.”

  Bradley has received a second opportunity to
prove himself as a receiver, and he’s delivered for his new team.

  “Their second opportunity, sometimes, is the
one where the light comes on,” coach Herm Edwards said. “And it’s come on so

  Bradley remains a viable fill-in
back-up for any fantasy roster from here on out, and should not be considered a
starter unless the match-up is right.

Oh, and did I mention the Chiefs face the 32nd ranked pass
defense this week— the San Diego Chargers?




Benson could be a
mainstay in



The Cincinnati Bengals have sputtered from the start on offense, thus leading
them to a 0-8 start to the 2008 season.

The principle problem: the lack of a solid running game to complement
their “supposed-to-be” potent passing attack.

Opposing teams lit up Carson Palmer and harassed Ryan Fitzgpatrick,
well….. up until last week of course.

Yeah, the Bengals caught a reeling Jaguars team at the right time, but
they also caught a 100-yard rusher as well.

And while most around the league thought former Bears running back
Cedric Benson wasn’t worth the money or headaches, the Bengals took a chance on
him, and it’s paid off in a big way.

fact, according to the


Benson may have solidified himself not only in the starting
lineup, but on the team as a whole moving forward.

  “He is very quick and generally very
deliberate in where he goes with the football,” coach Marvin Lewis said.
“He has great vision, and he has the speed and quickness when he does get
to the next level – better than the guys we’ve had in there before him this

  Benson has overthrown Chris
Perry, who the Bengals had high hopes for, and is starting to show signs of why
he was a first round pick in 2005.

“He’s been great,” quarterback Carson Palmer said. “He’s
exactly what you expect out of a No. 4 (overall) pick in the draft. When you’re
picked that high at that position, there are a lot of expectations.”

  The Bengals new starter is a great back-up
option in any league, and will be a key ingredient for the Bengals finishing
strong down the stretch.


Jets’ good chemistry
has been the difference.

The New York Jets received a surprise visitor at the
beginning of the 2008.

  As the whole NFL
world already knows Brett Favre arrived in

New York
after un-retiring and demanding a trade from the Green Bay Packers.

  And most already know the kind of impact he
is or isn’t making on the field.

what most may not know is that, according to the

New York Post, Favre has
injected some chemistry in the locker room.

In fact, some, like Damien Woody, are even comparing him and his
demeanor to Tom Brady.

  “The one
thing about both of those guys is the chemistry they have in the locker room,
the way they interact with teammates,” Woody said. “The joking around
(with Favre) never stops. With both Brady and Brett, it’s the same thing: The
guys love football; they love the atmosphere. You’ve got to appreciate that.
You want to play with guys like that.

Every championship team that I’ve ever been on, the one constant was
that the chemistry was there,” he said. “You’ve got to have the right
chemistry in the locker room. I’ve been on teams that have been talented but we
didn’t have the chemistry and it just didn’t come together.

  That’s one thing I love about this locker
room. We’ve got really good chemistry and it’s only going to get better and I
think that’s going to carry us a long way this season.” 

As for Favre himself; he’s also a firm
believer in chemistry.

to me, is the most important aspect of being a winning football team,”
Favre said. “It’s not the most talented teams. It’s chemistry. I think
this team has a lot of potential as far as chemistry is concerned. I see that
getting better each and every day.”

While Favre has had his struggles this season, he’s been a huge part of
the Jets successful 5-3 start to the ’08 season.

  Yeah, he’s going to have his bad games, but
as a whole should keep the Jets in the playoff and division title race until
the very end.


Shark Attack:

Quick Bites

According to the

Detroit Free Press

the Lions haven’t made a clear decision on who will start, Drew Stanton or
Daunte Culpepper, in Sunday’s game against the Jaguars.  “They both made a nice step, each of
them,” coach Rod Marinelli said. “I thought today was pretty good,
but this is not game speed. We try to make it as fast as we can go, but we’ll
evaluate it again and see it today, this afternoon, have a walk through
tomorrow, talk through it and then make a decision.” 

According to the

St Louis Post-Dispatch

running back Kenneth Darby will make his first NFL start in place of injured
star Steven Jackson on Sunday. 
“It’s a blessing,” said Darby, who was signed off


practice squad Oct. 14. “This is an opportunity I’ve been waiting on, and
I’m just going to take full advantage of it and do my best.”

According to the

Cleveland Plain-Dealer

Browns running back Jamal Lewis claims that some of his teammates quit before
the Thursday night game was even over. 
“This is the NFL, you can’t call it quits until the game is
over,” the running back said. “But it looks to me like some people
called it quits before that.


was down, but they didn’t call it quits. They kept their heads up and they
finished. We didn’t do that two weeks in a row — at home.”

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