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Fantasy News of the Week- 12/27

Will Saint, Brees, break milestone record?


Saints quarterback Drew Brees has had quite a season.

  He’s had players fall like dominoes all around him on offense.

  He’s been hammered with pressure on the field and off as he approaches Dan Marino’s passing title.

  Most of all he’s lead the Saints, almost single-handedly to an 8-7 record and has a chance of winning MVP for his efforts.

  And while he probably won’t claim the title in the end he is just 402 yards from getting that passing record, something according to the

New Orleans Times-Picayune that head coach Sean Payton isn’t even concerned about this week against the Panthers, or so he says.

“What’s important is winning,” Payton said. “Certainly, a milestone like the record we’re talking about is significant, but nonetheless what’s most important to our team, to Drew Brees, to the organization, is winning this football game and finishing 9-7. That said, something like that is significant. But I think it’s only rewarding if something like that happens when you play well and you win rather than just if you hang around and throw it around just for the sake of the record. Our job as coaches this week and as players is to get ready to put our best game plan together to beat the Carolina Panthers, not to throw for (402) yards.”

  Was that scripted?

  If he thinks for a second that people are going to believe that he’s not going to try his damndest to get Brees as many yards as he can he’s sorely mistaken.

  Brees will get plenty of opportunities to break the record this week, because at this point it is just about all the Saints have to play for.




is ready to put last week behind him.

Week 16 wasn’t exactly a lucky week for Eagles rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

  According to the

Philadelphia Inquirer in the Eagles loss to the reeling Washington Redskins Jackson himself dropped four passes, including one in the end zone leading offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to have a discussion with his developing receiver.

  “He went through an experience there, and I expect him to catch every football,” Mornhinweg said. “He has to let it go. . . . Bounce back and let’s get every one this week.”

  Mornhinweg also made it clear that

Jackson was battling another injury besides his bruised ribs that kept him out for some of the second half.

 “He was banged up . . . with two different types of injuries,” Mornhinweg said. “He was on the field, and he was playing, and he was playing fast. Now, he’s got to finish. We’ve got to play at a certain level when we’re injured and on the field and playing. It was a tough experience, and I expect him to do a little bit better the next time he’s banged up.”


Jackson has had a storied rookie campaign, and has a lot to learn to become a force in the NFL.

  Since week eight

Jackson has recorded no more than 77 receiving yards and has found the end zone just once.

  It’s no secret that injuries have fazed him, but the bigger question is: Will they continue to be an issue throughout his career?


Cards Whisenhunt won’t be afraid to mix things up.

The Arizona Cardinals have to be concerned.

  Here, they’re on the brink of buzzing in to the playoffs, and have looked for most of the 2008 season like a playoff caliber team; well at least on offense that is.

  And then there was last week’s debacle, mostly on offense.

  But who is truly to blame?

  Some, like myself (sorry for the opinion), believe it is the coach, Ken Whisenhunt, who should take the blame.

  He’s the one who wouldn’t stop running the football, even though the Cardinals are a passing team, and he’s ultimately the one who prepares his team every week— something that’s he’s failed miserably at doing when traveling eastward.

  Now, according to the

East Valley Tribune nobody’s job is safe and the Cards could be seeing some changes even with the playoffs looming, so says Mr. Whisenhunt himself.


“I think we have some players that probably think they can turn it on for the playoff game,” Whisenhunt said. “That’s something that we’ve talked about. That’s not something you can do.”

  And what about Edgerrin James?

  The last time I checked he’s the one player who has had a lot of big game experience, especially against the Patriots, yet he carried the ball just four times for 19 yards.

 “We haven’t had a whole lot of carries to go around in general right now,” Whisenhunt said. “Edgerrin has gotten some carries, and like we’ve said all along, he’ll continue to get some. But we’re not making a concerted attempt to get him more carries.”



Message to Mr. Whisenhunt:

Tim Hightower has averaged 2.5 yards per carry in the past three games; that isn’t going to get it done in the playoffs!


 In the meantime, those hoping for a James return this week you may as well forget it, but it does kind of make you wonder how good of a coach Ken Whisenhunt really is, and if he really deserves his sunny

Arizona job.

Dungy plans to rest his starters.

The Indianapolis Colts have had a history of benching players in the final week of the season (see 2005 and 2007), but will they do it again this week?

  The answer, according to the

Indianapolis Star, is yes.

  That’s right, head coach Tony Dungy has decided once again to rest the majority of his starters; something he feels is just the smart thing to do.


“The only thing that will make (fans) feel like it’s the right way to go is if we win the Super Bowl,” Dungy said Tuesday. “We know that going in. Whatever you do, if you win, it’s the right thing and you were smart. And if you lose, you did the wrong thing and you weren’t very smart. So we’re going to do what we think is best. We thought (resting the starters) was best (in 2005 and 2007) and we still think it’s best now, and hopefully we win and look smart at the end.”

  While it’s not clear how much time starters like Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne will see, it certainly seems to be a huge gamble if fantasy owners do decide to start them.

  Obviously the Colts want to keep Manning and the offense in rhythm, but don’t expect more than a half or so from one of the hottest offenses in the NFL heading in to the playoffs.



Shark Attack:

News Rundown

According to the

Houston Chronicle Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson wants to finish with a strong performance this week against the Bears.

 “You’re not going to have a 10-catch, 100-yard game every game,” Johnson said. “You definitely want to play well and do whatever you can to help your team win. I didn’t get many opportunities (at

Oakland), but you never know what can happen (against


  The Bears aggressive blitz packages should allow Johnson to see a lot of one-on-one coverage, for which he has the speed to exploit.


According to the

Denver Post Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler will have a bulls-eye attached to him come Sunday when his team plays the Chargers in sunny

San Diego.

  “It probably won’t be pleasant,” Cutler said Wednesday, smiling at the thought. “I don’t think it’s going to be with the holiday spirit at all. I don’t think they like me, which is fine. It adds to the game, adds to the excitement.”

  Nevertheless, expect a shootout in this one.

  This could end up being the most exciting game on this week’s schedule.


According to the

Atlanta Journal-Constitution wide receiver Roddy White is just 25 yards away from breaking the Falcons single season receiving yardage record set by Alfred Jenkins in 1981.


“It would mean a lot to me,” said White earlier this week.

  White recorded just 24 yards on three receptions last week against the Vikings and will be looking to redeem himself at home against the lowly Rams defense.


According to the

Wisconsin State Journal Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may need shoulder surgery this offseason to repair any damage caused by the injury he suffered to his right arm on September 28th against the Buccaneers.

 However, he’s putting that on the back burner for now and focusing on finishing the season. “I’ve got a couple more days to get to 16 here, but I think as a quarterback, you want to be the guy in there taking every snap every Sunday, especially when you feel like you give your team the best opportunity to win,” Rodgers said. “And from a physical toughness standpoint, I’ve always taken pride in being able to play through injuries.

  That’s kind of the way I operate and I think most guys in the league operate. We all play with pain, and being on the field to me is the most important thing.”

  Rodgers has surprised most with not only his solid play but his ability to play through injuries as well.

  Look for Rodgers to build on his productive 2008 season this week against the Lions and in to the 2009 season.  


According to the

New York Post the Giants defense isn’t going to let Adrian Peterson run wild tomorrow, or so they say.

 “We have played some darn good running backs and some very good offensive lines so I think that is where it starts,” Tom Coughlin said. “I would think [this week] would be [a good test].”

  As for resting for the playoffs— there is none, even if they’re the number one seed in the NFC.

  “I rest come March,” said linebacker Antonio Pierce. “As long as we’re suited up and we’ve got games to play, I’m going to play.”

  It’s almost safe to assume that the Vikings will have their hands full come Sunday as they fight for their playoff lives.

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