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Fantasy News of the Week- 6/17

Most mini-camps came to a close this week, but that didn’t
stop me from finding the interesting stories for the week of June 14th.

  Here’s your weekly Shark News, and for all
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Giant headaches still remain in

New York


Let’s start things off in

New York

Jeremy Shockey and

Plaxico Burress continue to produce
Giant headaches for the organization and its fans, but on the flip side, according
to the

New York Daily News, defensive

Osi Umenyiora is playing the
cool card when it comes to his contract.

“I will be in camp,” Umenyiora said. “I’m not going to hold out. My
situation is a little different.

time is when I think things would be taken care of. Right now, contract is not
even on my mind.”

  As for his fellow
teammate, “Plaxico … I don’t know what his contact situation is, but if he
feels bad about the situation, then it needs to be looked at, period. And so whatever
happens is going to happen. They are going to work that out.

  It has nothing to do with me, and I think we
are going to move forward.”

  Umenyiora is
playing it smart here.


Michael Strahan retiring he is going to
be expected to be a pass rushing machine and if he has a great season he will
get his raise; whether or not it’s with the Giants remains to be seen.

  Either way he’s creating a better situation
for himself without the contract disputes looming overhead which should allow
him to focus on football.

  If Umenyiora
continues to progress he will be a beast at defensive end for years to



Quinn wants to win.

After a great run in 2007 Cleveland Browns fans have yet
another reason to be excited this 2008 NFL season;

Brady Quinn.

  According to
the Beacon Journal Quinn wants to win and wants to lead this team to the Super
Bowl, and even though he may be the fan’s choice due to his personal ties, he’s
not about to put himself ahead of the team and

Derek Anderson. “People can say what they want to say,” Quinn said.
“Derek had a good year. I think right now if you talk to coaches and the GM,
they say he’s the starter going into it. That’s where we’re at. And he deserves
that based on what he did last year.

Wait there’s more, “I’m a team player,” he said. “I want to win a Super
Bowl. If Derek is our guy leading us there, that’s fine. Obviously, I’d like to
be that guy. Ken Dorsey would love to be that guy. Any quarterback would. In
the position we’re in right now, we’re just trying to push each other, compete,
and in the end, I think it’s going to make us both better.”

  It’s good to see Quinn ready and willing to
play when called upon, but fantasy owners shouldn’t worry as we all know that

is the starter for as long as he produces and the team wins.

  Nonetheless it’s great news for those who
want to handcuff Anderson for I hear that the Brownies have some solid
receiving options (

Braylon Edwards,

Donte Stallworth, and

Kellen Winslow Jr.) and two solid
offensive tackles (

Joe Thomas and

Kevin Shaffer), so with the right
recipe in place you know whoever quarterbacks this team is bound to have great
success in 2008.


Number of the Week:

The number of interceptions Derek Anderson threw in 2007.

  The Browns were 0-4 when

threw two or more in a single game.


Gore being coached by


San Francisco it seems as though
running back

Frank Gore is getting
tips from former St Louis Rams star and current NFL Network reporter/analyst

Marshall Faulk.

  According to the

Sacramento Bee Faulk was treated more like a visiting coach, but
Faulk insists that they were just talking football, “I don’t call it tutoring,”
Faulk said of his relationship with Gore. “We just talk football. Frank’s a
polished athlete. We talk football, and I try to have conversations with him
just about the game in general.” But why though?

  He didn’t talk with

Kevin Jones or

Tatum Bell
last season about Mike Martz’s offense, so why Gore?

  After picking my brain I had a flashback of
the ongoing feud between Faulk and now Rams starter

Steven Jackson.

  According to

AOL Sports (August 2007)

wasn’t too pleased with Faulk and was quoted by Sports Illustrated as to saying
this: “In my opinion, he could have helped me out and he didn’t,”

says of Faulk, before adding, “[But] that’s all behind us now. We’re

  Now I know that Faulk is a
professional, but something tells me that he wants Gore to succeed a little
more than the smack talking


  Nevertheless, the important thing is that
Faulk does believe that Gore can excel in coach Martz’s offense regardless of
his size, “I know a lot of people, including myself, are wondering … how is
that going to work? Because Frank seems like a one-dimensional back,”
Faulk said. “But I think he hasn’t been used in that way, and Mike is going to bring
him along slowly.”

  Enough said!

An undrafted receiver is on the rise in



Super-sleeper alert!

  Behind all the
controversy surrounding the gun charges filed against wide receiver Brandon
Jones this past week is a gem waiting to be discovered.

  His name is

Biren Ealy and he’s quickly moving up the Titans depth chart.

  Ealy was signed as an undrafted free agent
last season, but according to

made a big splash in camp by showing consistent hands.

  He was put on the practice squad for the 2007
season, but was called up in December after Brandon Jones suffered a groin
injury and Chris Hope was put on IR.

played in three games, but was targeted just twice.

  This season nothing is guaranteed for any of
the Titans receivers including Ealy, who knows he can make the plays if given
the opportunity, but needs to continue to work hard to get there,

“I have always thought of myself as a tough physical
receiver,” Ealy said. “I think I am one that can make plays in traffic, or
whatever they need me to do. I know what I am capable of, and what type of
skills I possess, so it is just about getting myself better, and the rest will
take care of itself.”

Ealy’s confidence is rising, and fast considering the circumstances surrounding
Brandon Jones, and the addition of

as the Titans new offensive coordinator.


“It seems that we
are attacking vertically down the field a little more,” Ealy said. ”We are
stretching the defense, and Heimerdinger has taken a lot of stress off of us
and we are relaxed out there and just focused on getting open and giving Vince
[Young] a target.”

  While it may be a
little too early to say for sure that Ealy may be even considered a sleeper
this season, he is someone to watch, even with the lack of a true quarterback
within the offense.



These are the days of Simpson and


Finally, there’s the Bengals, and well……. Let’s just say that most of us already
know that the Ocho Cinco soap opera is plaguing news outlets everywhere, so
I’ll echo

Carson Palmer when he was
quoted by the

Cincinnati Enquirer as
to saying this, “I’m going to pass on talking about


  I think everybody in here is
probably sick of hearing about him and everybody out there is sick of hearing
about him. So I’m not going to talk about him. I’ll talk about other

  Instead, let’s continue to talk

Andre Caldwell and

Jerome Simpson and the impression they
continue to make.

  Both receivers are
getting mixed reviews thus far, and while most believe Simpson is the one who
should take Chad’s place if and when he leaves the Bengals quarterback believes
Caldwell is the more pro ready of the two.

Palmer made the comparison (

), “Jerome is a raw receiver coming out of a much smaller division
school with a ton of potential, speed, quickness (and) great hands,” Palmer
said. “He’s a little ways away from being ready to be in there in the heat of
the fire, but has tremendous upside. On the other side, there’s Andre Caldwell,
our third-round pick, who can start right now and play right now. He doesn’t
get shaken or nervous with all the media here on the first day of minicamp. He
doesn’t show any signs of being a rookie. He looks like a vet. He looks like
he’s been out there and done it before, doesn’t really get rattled or nervous
about anything.”

  By the sounds of it
Simpson has more physical talent, but

may have a better mental make-up.

  As of
right now it’s tough to say who will have the better 2008 season, but with the

Chad Johnson Soap Opera looming, and

TJ Houshmandzadeh’s four-year contract
up at the end of the season both receivers may see significant time in the near


Keep an eye on:

Chinedum Ndukwe.

  IDP owners
everywhere should be keeping a very close eye on the Bengals safety position.

  Right now Ndukwe sits behind an aging and
injury riddled

Dexter Jackson at
strong safety, but is also in competition for the starting free safety spot

Marvin White and

Corey Lynch.

  Ndukwe played in 14 games last season, and
started two due to injury to


  He recorded 45 tackles, two sacks, and three
interceptions for the season.


Shark Attack:

News Rundown

Jonathan Ogden retires in


James Hardy,

Steve Johnson, and

were subpoenaed in the

case in


Cedric Benson was cut in


Terrell Owens will be drug tested
more often in


Brandon Marshall has predicted a
100-catch season in

Denver……. The
Jaguars continue to have an open competition at wide receiver with

Jerry Porter and

Troy Williamson spear-heading the makeover……

Ronnie Brown participates in team drills in


Tom Brady’s ankle feels great in

……. Defensive end

agrees to a six-year extension with the Saints……. Jets tight end

Chris Baker is fined for missing a treatment


Sean Considine is fighting for a roster spot, while

Kimo Von Oelhoeffen rejoins the Eagles

Philadelphia……… Receivers

Ben Obomanu and

Courtney Taylor get extra snaps this past week in



Chris Simms may be out of the picture for 2008 in



 And finally, Vikings safety

Darren Sharper is prepping for a future
in broadcasting; go figure!

Well, now that I have reached shore I can catch my breath
and inform you that you will be able to see this column on a weekly basis right
here at, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading!

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