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Fantasy News of the Week- 6/9

north to south, east to west, fantasy news happens everywhere, so without
hesitation let’s get to the news and save the fluff for later. 


Miami, it looks as though rookie QB

Chad Henne will be in the mix in the
chase for the Dolphins starting signal caller.   Most around the
team assumed that it would be a two man race between second year man

John Beck and veteran

Josh McCown, but head coach

Tony Sparano thinks otherwise, “Yeah, that was
an assumption,” Sparano said. “Because we’re competing and everybody’s
competing, and Henne’s competing, and the two veteran players knew that when we
drafted Henne that we’d be competing. I think it’s important, and we’re going to
take a look with whatever the possibilities are. I want to see

Chad in the
first huddle, and I want to see Beck maybe in the third group at times and see
how he rises.” –


.   It is worth noting here that according to
offensive coordinator

Dan Henning, Beck
has been working extremely hard this offseason and has looked good.  
Fantasy owners should keep a close eye on this carousel, but don’t be
surprised if Beck is the only one riding once it stops.

Further north in New York, Giants TE

is not happy with his situation and may not show up for
mini-camps.   According to the

York Daily News
he had this to say, “Unlike the Giants, I am going to be
quiet. They have released multiple things about myself, and if you look back
into the media (reports), there is always a source. Well, I would like to know
who the source is.   I haven’t said one negative thing towards the
Giants in the newspapers,” he added. “I have never expressed the feelings of the
things that you guys (the media) made up. You guys will be able to talk to me
(more) if I make it to minicamp.”   After suffering a season ending
leg injury, and seeing the rise of Kevin Boss throughout the playoffs, Shockey
has been receiving heavy criticism by the

media and its fans for some believe he may have
been the reason why the offense seemed to stall at times during the season due
in large part to his lack of consistency.   Sure Shockey should be
mad considering how much time he’s put in

, but you can’t blame the Giants for wanting to get
some value considering they basically won the Super Bowl without the star tight
end.   Nevertheless, stay tuned, for I’m sure we haven’t heard the
last of this never-ending he said she said



Cincinnati the Bengals players
and coaches are playing it cool with the whole

Chad Johnson soap opera, but according to the

Cincinnati Enquirer

Marvin Lewis thinks

Chad’s statement
about showing up for camp could simply be just a tease, “I really think that’s
not what was said,” Lewis said.   “No.1, he’s not here. No.2, it’s
something he said a while back, a long time ago. So it’s really not a concern.

Chad has a
contract to play football. He has to make some decisions on his own.”  

Carson Palmer had no
interest in talking about the situation, “I’ll be extremely happy when he gets
here. I hope he is (here). We’ll see,” Palmer said. “I’m not going to talk a
whole bunch about that issue.”   As

Chad continues
to pout about his contract, right or wrong, his teammates and coaches seem to be
growing more impatient with their star receiver, and seem to be ready to move on
without him.   The fact that they went out and grabbed two
receivers in the early rounds of the NFL draft including one

Jerome Simpson, who may be ready to step in and
take over as starter, could mean they could care less about #85, which could
spell bad news for fantasy owners; at least until/if he lands with a new team.
  This soap opera is far from over and should get interesting if

Chad reports.


Minnesota, the big story is
the play of, or expected play of, quarterback

Tarvaris Jackson.   According to

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Jackson is feeling more confident
than ever, has worked hard this offseason and seems to be improving.  
“It’s like night and day,”

Jackson confidently said after the
second practice Saturday. “Compared to this time last year, I feel like a
different quarterback, really.   Last year, I had a problem with
leading guys too much. I was overthrowing guys a lot,” he said. “But now I feel
a lot more comfortable with my receivers and their speed, and knowing the
different guys and who is a burner and who is a slower guy.”   As
for his coaches, “He’s been outstanding this offseason,” offensive coordinator

Darrell Bevell said. “He’s been in here
watching, studying.   He’s been out here training, trying to get
better at the things he needs to get better at, and I couldn’t ask for anything
more from him.”  

Jackson has a lot to prove,
but the Vikings have re-tooled the offense with some solid receiving options,
and having

Adrian Peterson and

Chester Taylor running behind a beefy, gelling
offensive line which features a few pro bowlers will only help

Jackson, especially considering his
makeup.   If the Vikings play it smart this season, they will get
away from the short passes and allow

Jackson to unleash his arm,
especially with the addition of deep threat wide receiver

Bernard Berrian.   Fantasy owners
should still be cautious with

Jackson, but this could be the year
he finally breaks out.  

There is some big news from out west as fantasy owners may see a

Mike Holmgren first.   The Seattle
Seahawks new starting tight end may be rookie

John Carlson, who was highlighted in an earlier
article titled here on Fantasy Sharks,

Fantasy Gold: Lost, Forgotten, and Undiscovered
?   “The tight end situation was an interesting
one, because it was no secret that we were looking hard at the tight ends,”
Holmgren said after drafting Carlson. “As an organization, we probably spent as
much time on the tight ends as any position in the draft.” “John Carlson is a
good player, and we’ll be better at that position,” offensive coordinator

Gil Haskell said. “But we’ve got to handle him
correctly. I told him, ‘If the hamstring bothers you, get out (of the drill). I
need you in training camp. I don’t need you here.’ ” –


Post-Intelligencer.   Wow, it
sounds like he’ll be an important piece, especially considering both Deion
Branch (knee) and Bobby Engram’s (contract) status seem to be in limbo at the
moment.   Dynasty owners should rejoice, but re-draft owners should
be a little more careful in finding a good spot to place him within their
rankings. Let’s just hope that he has better hands than Jerramy Stevens.

Just a little south and east the Denver Broncos are experiencing some
receiver and tight end problems themselves as both number one and two targets

Brandon Marshall and

Tony Scheffler continue to battle through

right arm still remains a question, while Scheffler continues to battle through
a rough foot injury, one that has hampered him since last season when he had to
wear a protective steel shank on the bottom of his sole.  
According to the

Denver Post
Scheffler remains frustrated but confident he’ll return this season.  
“It had been feeling great,” Scheffler said. “I thought I was completely
past it. That’s the frustrating part about it. I felt like I had finally found
my place in this organization. Felt like I could contribute a lot. It finally
felt right for the first time after last year. And then to fall back, it’s hard.
But that’s what makes athletes better.”   Scheffler ran sprints
earlier last week, but it remains to be seen if he’ll continue to participate in
mini-camps or not.   As for the Broncos woes at receiver, well…… if
push comes to shove they do have veterans

Darrell Jackson,

Brandon Stokely,

Keary Colbert,

Samie Parker, and unproven rookie

Eddie Royal to turn to, but I don’t know how
much faith fantasy owners want to put in to this underachieving and unproven
group of receivers.   Maybe the Broncos should phone Rod Smith and
ask him to play one more season.

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