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Fantasy News of the Week- 7/14

Matt Jones is in
trouble with the law; opens the door for others.

The wide receiver race in

will start to sort itself out pretty quickly.

With the recent news surrounding

and felony substance possession you can almost forget about him
making an impact in 2008.

  That leaves

Jerry Porter,

Troy Williamson,

Dennis Northcutt and

as the four that will battle for the starting two spots.

  Early indications are that Porter is very
capable of being the top target, while Northcutt may stay in his number two

That would mean that Williamson and Williams would be in the slot which could equate to more good for both Porter and Northcutt.

  Williamson’s downfield speed
should draw the safeties back leaving the short and intermediate routes open
for the taking, while Williams inside blocking may prove to be crucial to the running game.

Stat Comparison:

Jacksonville Four






Dennis Northcutt (Eight seasons)





Reggie Williams (Four seasons)





Jerry Porter (Eight seasons)





Troy Williamson (Three seasons)





Did you know?


Jerry Porter has played in all 16 games just four times?

  In those four seasons he’s accounted for 29
of his 30 career touchdowns.



rookie could make an immediate impact.

The Tennessee Titans reached for

Chris Johnson in this year’s draft purely based on his speed, or so
we thought.

  According to the

Nashville Tennessean Johnson has looked
the part of a first round pick in practice sessions, and may have offensive

Mike Heimerdinger trying
to find more ways to get him the ball.

“I haven’t had a back quite like him to work with,”
Heimerdinger said. “He can do a lot of things from a lot of spots. It
gives you some options, some match-ups.”

As you can imagine Johnson is playing with a chip on his shoulder, a
chip that seems to be making him standout, a chip that’s building his
confidence and may create more opportunity for the rookie.

  “Everything they’re throwing at me, I’ve
got down,” he said. “If I execute everything they’ve given me, that
will let them go ahead and start adding more ways to get the football in my hands.”

Baby steps for Rams’ Steven Jackson?

St Louis Rams star running back

Steven Jackson is taking a more cautious approach than last season
when he predicted he would run for over 2,500 yards.

  According to the

Portland Tribune

will let the experts make the predictions this year, his last year of his
rookie contract, while he focuses on staying healthy.

“Last year, I went out and made a huge
prediction,” says


“I didn’t figure in injuries and other things
that can happen. My main goal next season is to stay healthy for 16 games, and
we’ll see what happens. A contract year is big for anyone, but especially for
the last year of a rookie deal,”

goes on. “I’m looking to have a great year and lengthen my career with

. Hopefully, I’ll retire as a Ram.”

  Hopefully, for fantasy owners,

can return to his old form, the form that made him a fantasy stud just two
seasons ago.


Hot Topic-



I didn’t want to go here, but I have to for it wouldn’t be

  My job is to present you the
facts and if I didn’t include anything about perhaps the hottest topic since
the Giants did the unthinkable by winning the Super Bowl I wouldn’t be doing my

  Just last week I brought to light
some of the truth and rumors regarding this whole, as some like to put it,
fiasco, but there is new information; nothing too shocking of course.



Let’s start with Steve Mariucci, who seems to know a lot about the psyche of
number four. “Well, I hope that everybody realizes that Brett Favre would
prefer to play for the Green Bay Packers. That’s a given,” Steve Mariucci,
Favre’s friend and former quarterbacks coach, told

NFL Network Friday.

  When asked if Favre would play elsewhere,
“Yes, I think he will consider playing for someone else,” Mariucci said. “Yes.
As hard as that is to imagine, yeah, I think he would consider playing for
someone else if it is not

Green Bay.”

And then there’s Ted Thompson, who finally answered some questions after
being on vacation for a week.

to the team doesn’t plan
on releasing the legendary quarterback and will welcome him back with open
arms, but are unsure if he’ll start or serve as a back-up to Aaron

  “We have to go with what’s
real,” Ted Thompson said. “We don’t know what the options are right now. We’ll
talk about it internally. It’s all guesswork. This is a very difficult spot
we’re in. It’s a very volatile situation and we don’t have all the answers yet.

  There are people out there who I know are
anxious and mad and nervous and all those things,” Thompson said from his
office at Lambeau Field. “I want people to know that we know that. We’re going
through the same things. It’s gut-wrenching when you think about it. We’re
struggling to do the right thing.”

Message to Favre: Stay in
Green Bay, even if you have to be back-up, for we all know what kind of brittle
limbs Mr. Rodgers has.

  Either way you
look at this Packers drama it can’t be good news for fantasy owners near and

  The fantasy implications of this
are almost astronomical.

  So the question
is: Which quarterback would you rather see lead the Green Bay Packers in 2008?

Number of the week:

7 to 6.

  The Donald Driver to Greg Jennings target
ratio in week thirteen against the Cowboys when Aaron Rodgers relieved Brett
Favre due to an elbow injury.

Rookie wide receiver
signs in



Redskins rookie wide receiver

signed a four year deal worth a whopping $3.36 million; this
according to the

Washington Post.

  Other rookies

Devin Thomas and

Fred Davis
still have yet to reach agreements.

Kelly may be one of the keys to the Redskins opening up their offense, but
has questions surrounding his knees.

good news is that

executive vice president of football operations,

Vinny Cerrato, received good
reports from a Sooners coach about the receiver’s condition.

  Nevertheless, the rookie has high spirits,
“Malcolm is excited and the Redskins are excited,” said Kelly’s agent, Chad
Speck. “The Redskins believe Malcolm can really contribute to what

Jim Zorn
wants to accomplish, and he’s very excited to get to camp.”

  Training camp starts next week.


Giants’ dramas continue with a
positive spin.


New York, Giants receiver

Plaxico Burress is creating a positive
stir while the verdict is still out on tight end

Jeremy Shockey.

  According to

NY Daily News Burress remains
confident that he’ll make it to training camp with a smile and a new

  “It is going pretty good,”
Burress said of negotiations involving his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. “I’m getting
positive feedback from my agent and looking to get it ironed out before
training camp. I think it will be done (by camp).”

  As for Shockey, he remains a mystery, even to
Burress who seems to be close with the disgruntled tight end.

  “I think it is some more personal things that
went on with him and with the organization,” said Burress.

  “I think Jeremy, at the end of the day, he
wants to be around. I think it is all about wanting to feel wanted for him. I
am in the dark like everybody else. With him, come training-camp time, I have
no idea of what is going to happen.”


The Buccaneers may be talking to

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a load on their plate these days.

  Amidst all the speculation that Favre may be
destined to be a Buc, and Chris Simms may be out the door, is talk of the team
bringing in veterans

Kevin Jones and

Eddie Kennison.

  According to the

Tampa Tribune both players have been in touch with the Buccaneers,
but have yet to hear back.

  Kevin Jones’
agent, Tony Fleming, chimed in on the situation, “


Bay is definitely one of the teams
interested in him, but we’re still waiting to hear back from them,” Fleming

  As for Kennison, according to his
agent John Hamilton he’s excited about the possibility of joining the Bucs, “He
would love to play for

Jon Gruden and hopefully we’ll hear from them

  With a shipload of talent at
running back it’s doubtful that Jones will join, but Kennison could sign and
make an impact almost immediately, much like

Joey Galloway has done in the four years he’s been with the

Shark Attack:

News Rundown

According to the

Denver Post former
Broncos running back

Travis Henry
tested positive for marijuana; it’s his third offense which to equate to a year long suspension……Linebacker

Lofa Tatupu pleads
guilty to a DUI charge in Seattle…..

is expected to announce his retirement…… Rookie

offensive tackle

agrees to terms with the Ravens……. According to the

Miami Herald former Dolphins quarterback

Duante Culpepper turned down a
one-year $1 million contract that Green Bay offered him a few weeks ago……. In

a deal is expected to come very soon for
Saints wide receiver

Marques Colston……
And finally, former Cincinnati Bengals linebacker

Odell Thurman is wanted by the police, again!

  When is he ever going to learn?

Final thought

I know we’re all sick of hearing about Brett Favre, but whether he’s right or wrong in his thinking, we seem to latch on to the topic.  Why?  Because we’re unsure if we want to retire from the hoopla.  How’s that for irony?

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Thanks for reading!

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