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Fantasy News of the Week- 7/21

Ricky’s back!?

Ronnie Brown better watch his back!

  While Brown continues to progress in
recovering from his knee injury in what seemed as a one man race that he owned
at the beginning of the offseason could turn in to a hearty battle for

  That’s right, the pot-smoking
revived Ricky Williams has looked like the Ricky of old.

  In fact according to the

Miami Herald he
could even be the best player on the Dolphins roster.

  He’s certainly impressed his new head

  “I see the potential in him. I
sure do,” Coach Tony Sparano said. “When I watch him, I see him being explosive
in and out of the line of scrimmage. He’s explosive with what he does in the
second level and his ball skills when he catches the ball. All those things
that were there when I [coached] against him and he ran all over the place
against us are still there.”


  This is not good news for Ronnie Brown and
Ronnie Brown owners alike.

  This story
bears watching as training camp commences, especially if the Ricky of new can
become the Ricky of old before Ronnie can fully recover.

Colts’ Manning to be
ready for opener.

Team officials in

insist that

Peyton Manning will make
a fast recovery from the removal of a bursa sac— a small friction reducing
fluid filled sac that affects the performance of the knee’s moving parts.

  In fact according to the

Indianapolis Star
Manning should be ready for the season opener, September 7th,
against the Chicago Bears, which is also the first regular season game at the
new Lucas Oil Stadium.

  But will he be in
rhythm with his receivers?

quarterback and current

ESPN analyst

thinks not, “I know they’ve been together a long time, but there’s
a big difference when you finish that last game (of the 2007 season) five or
six months ago and all of a sudden you start up again,” Jaworski said. “There’s
a good feel for each other, but it’s not the same when you’re throwing a couple
of hundred balls a day to the same guys so you can get back into that rhythm.”

  Unless something catastrophic happens fantasy
owners shouldn’t worry too much, however Manning’s value should get a
re-evaluation regardless of the severity of the injury due to the points that
Jaworski brought up.

Receiver, Henry to
make a comeback; in Cincy?

Here we go again!

  If it weren’t for

Brett Favre this story would probably
be a leading headline.

  According to wide receiver

Chris Henry
plans on reviving his career pending his reinstatement in to the league as he
has put his legal issues behind him.

“That’s what I’m trying to make it,” Henry said. “I’m just focusing on
what I need to be doing off the field so I can keep doing what I do on the
field. I just have to be smart and handle myself like a professional at all
times. Off the field, if I handle situations like I’m supposed to everything
else will take care of itself.”

  And when
asked about a return to the Bengals, “Going back to the Bengals is possible,”
Henry said. “I wouldn’t mind it happening because I loved playing in

I got real close with all the guys out there and I planned on being out there
for a long time. I really had a good time playing ball out there in


  The Bengals organization responded with this:
“Chris is presently under NFL suspension, and until such time as he may be reinstated,
we are not in position to comment,” the team said. “Even in the event he is
reinstated, he is no longer our player, and rarely if ever do we comment on any
player who is not under contract with us.”

Chris Henry has always had the talent, but his character on and off the
field has always held him back, and while he insists that he wants to change he
still has a lot of work to do.

To read some of the opinions on this topic in the
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Long expected to sign
with the Rams soon.

Former Oakland Raiders star Howie Long will soon be a proud
father of another Long star in the making.

Howie’s son

Chris Long is one
step away from making his NFL dream a reality as he prepares for training

  The only thing standing in his way now
is of course, his contract, but Rams executive Jay Zygmunt insists that he’ll
be ready to play soon.

“We remain very optimistic that we’re going to be able to
get everything worked out and that Chris will be in camp on time,” Zygmunt said
after talks with agent Marvin Demoff on Monday in

. “Marvin expressed how important that is to
Chris, and we expressed how important it is to the Rams.”


You can say that again!

The Rams defensive line needs some major TLC and here are some stats to
prove it.


Three Year Def. Rushing- 6000 Yard Club


Total Yards

Total Att.






















As you can see, according to the three year stats depicted above the Rams
defense is dead last in yards per carry, and is 30th in total yards.

  Chris Long should provide a much needed boost
to a line that lacks a solid tackler.

Long may not be enough to completely turn things around, but he’s a step
in the right direction. 


Update: According to the

St Louis Port Dispatch Long agreed to terms on Saturday night.



receiver race bound to heat up.

As training camp nears the Denver Broncos remain a huge
question mark on offense, and at the center of that question mark is the wide
receiver position.

  Breakout fantasy star

Brandon Marshall will remain the
team’s number one starter and according to
is extremely confident, “I’m hoping and I’m working to have another 100 ball
season. I’m there mentally and physically right now,”


  As for his arm injury, “The arm’s
great. I feel pretty good. I’m making progress day by day. Everyday it’s
getting better.

  I can do everything with
my right hand that I could before the accident.”

  For right now things look good for

owners, but he’s just another freak injury away from changing that.

  As for the others two receivers have really
stood out thus far; veteran

and rookie

Eddie Royal.

  Head coach Mike Shanahan thinks very highly

Jackson even going as far as
comparing him to an ex-Bronco great. “He’s played in the National Football
League; he has had experience in an offense that doesn’t throw the ball as much
as some, but we believe he has the ability, much like a Rod Smith, to do a
number of things for our offense and do it well,” Shanahan said. “He does a
number of things well, he blocks well, he catches well.  He’s really an
experienced guy that is exceptionally bright.”


Jackson has certainly proven
he has the ability to be a fantasy stud, but has struggled to stay injury free,
so buyers beware.

   As for Royal, he’s impressed
some of veterans on defense, and is rumored to be a front runner for the second
starting spot.

  “Everyone’s counting on
Eddie Royal helping us in the return game, but he really showed something out
there as a receiver,”

John Lynch
said. “They’re looking for ways to utilize him, and when you have a guy with speed
and explosiveness like that, that’s something that we could use.  There
are certain players that jump out at you, and he’s one of them.”

  As of present day Royal has little value in
re-draft leagues, but in the dynasty format he could prove to be a valuable
asset to a team looking for a developmental receiver.

Did you know?

According to



Marshall led the NFL in receiving
yards after contact in 2007, totaling 319 yards (24.1 percent of his total)
following initial contact with a defender.


Shark Attack: News Rundown

In Washington rookie quarterback

Colt Brennan agreed to terms with the Redskins……In Detroit new
Lions cornerback

Leigh Bodden told

Detroit Free Press that he plans
on going in to double digits in interceptions this season…… The Chicago Bears
added running back

Kevin Jones this
past week, begging the question if they truly believe in rookie Matt Forte……Jaguars
wide receiver

Jerry Porter had
hamstring surgery and may be out for six to eight weeks, but the team insists
that he’ll be ready for the season opener on September 7th

Browns receiver

Joe Jurevicius may miss the first six weeks of the regular season
due to a nagging knee injury…….

  News out


has the Detroit Lions interested in fifth string quarterback

Chris Simms…… Eagles’ running back

Brian Westbrook is rumored to be in a
contract dispute……. And finally, former Raiders and Buccaneers defensive tackle

Warren Sapp said he would accept an
invitation to the TV show

Dancing with the Stars; I would’ve never guessed!


Before I wrap up…..

I would just like to say that anyone who lives outside the
state of

Wisconsin with the
exception of Bears fans in

has it made when it comes to this Brett Favre retirement circus, no joke.

  Yes, everyone has their own opinions
including myself, but all of you who are sick of hearing about this constantly,
you’re lucky.

  Here in

its 24/7 talk about number four.

almost to the point that when people ask my opinion I just tell them the facts
that I’ve read or heard.

  I turned on the
Brewers game the other day and they were talking about it.

  The Sports radio station I tune in to on a
daily basis is talking Brett, Brett, Brett and even has a sound off line for
which Packer fans blither on about how stupid Ted Thompson and/or Brett Favre

  It’s almost comical, but at the
same time sickening; that’s when I turn my Ipod on to wash away all the waste
that has infected my head.

  It’s Brett
Favre mania here in Wisconsin, and the worst part is that this is exactly what
number four wanted, no joke!


If you have any questions, praise, or criticism please feel
free to e-mail me at  Thanks for reading!




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