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Fantasy News of the Week- 7/28

Training camp has begun.  Fortunately for you this means that this weekly news column will continue to expand as we get closer to kickoff 2008.  Unfortunately for me this means that I have to work that much harder, but don’t worry as researching training camp is not nearly as bad as actually participating in it as so many have expressed in this

NFL Network video.  Well, then again having to skip past every

Brett Favre article that meets the eye isn’t exactly an easy task.  Nevertheless, enjoy this week’s news!

New Orleans

third year back is more confident than
ever before?

“I plan to be in the Pro Bowl, and I plan too, definitely, for us to make
an appearance in the playoffs, if not the Super Bowl.

  I just plan to have a really good all-around
year, as a running back, and to be up there with the top three or four running
backs this year.”

  These were the words
that exited Reggie Bush’s mouth at camp on Thursday.

  According to the

New Orleans Times-Picayune he has shown an enormous amount of
confidence— can you tell?— throughout the offseason and it’s not just the
words that are being said by the third year back himself, it’s also coming from
what his teammates are observing as well.

“I think there’s kind of a calm confidence about him that maybe is
different from years past,” Saints quarterback Drew Brees said. “In the past,
he’s kind of been that young, flashy rookie back or second-year back. But now,
in that third year, I think he’s placed a lot of expectations on himself. I
think he’s eliminated a lot of distractions, and now it’s time to get down to
business for him.”

  Brees then commented
on the pressures and expectations that have been super-glued to the former USC star
since he made his debut in 2006.

expectation levels have never been as high for a guy as they were for him over
the last two years, coming out of college. You get into this league, and it’s
different. It’s tougher. You have to probably do things that you’ve never done
before and adjust and learn in ways that you haven’t. So for him, and what I
expect out of him, I expect him to just be a productive player.”

  I’ll echo Brees in that as a fantasy owner I
expect him just to be productive.

he was a second overall pick, but he’s not as super human as fans and owners
once thought.

  In PPR formats he’s an
excellent number two option whom you could make a case for as a number one
option when fully healthy.

  He has a lot
to prove yet on the field, but by the end of the 2008 season, if his knee holds
up, he may prove to be one of the bigger steals of all fantasy drafts.


Number of the Week:

3.7.  It’s Reggie Bush’s career yards per carry average through two seasons.  Yikes! 

Harrison and Sorgi headline Colts camp.


The big story in

Indianapolis when
training camp started was the return of

and the kind of player he was going to be heading in to the 2008

  While questions still remain
regarding the

Philadelphia shooting
and his knee issues, according to the

Marv’ seemed to look like, well— Marv. “For me, I try to read his
face,” head coach Tony Dungy said. “When he’s smiling and doesn’t have that
worried look, then I think things are pretty much normal.

  And that’s how it was today. He had done a
lot of work one-on-one, but hadn’t done a lot of ‘team’ work and he got in
there and made his cuts and caught the ball and just looked like he felt
comfortable. So that was good to see.”

Center Jeff Saturday seemed elated when talking about number 88, “You
see him out there running routes, catching balls . . . it gives you a definite
level of security when you know you’ve got somebody as good as Marv out there
catching balls.”

 Everything seems to be
alright for now, but keep a close eye on Mr. Harrison as training camp
progresses as I’m sure the media will continue to try to get a few words from
the star receiver himself.

  As for the
other half of the Colts passing game— Jim Sorgi, who has been given the keys
to the offense due to the injury recovery of one Peyton Manning, “It was
easier than I thought it was going to be,” the veteran backup quarterback

  “We had a couple of
miscommunication errors, a couple of dropped balls, but I think it’s just
getting used to each other. It felt good.”

The Colts also did sign


Jared Lorenzen for
added depth behind Sorgi.

  This is
something to keep in mind and watch, especially for all those fantasy owners who own Peyton
Manning and are worried about his latest setback.


Sheppard yet to sign, Samuel injured.


Philadelphia, Eagles cornerback
Lito Sheppard showed up for camp with a smile, even though his contract dispute
and trade rumors aren’t quite resolved yet.

“My job is to come here and perform and play, and I let my agent and the
Eagles take care of everything else,” Sheppard said. “Hopefully, we’ll come up
with something pretty soon.”

playing it cool for now, Sheppard seemed a bit sour when talking about his

  “I feel like I should be
getting treated a certain way and it’s not happening,” he said. “Everybody
knows what [the problem] is and how it stands, so that’s it. I don’t have to go
into details.”

  Sheppard seems to be
determined to prove that’s he worth what he’s asking for, “I want to go out and
show everybody that I’m healthy and I am who I say I am,” he said.

  Cue Eminem.

“I want to show I can still play the game at a high level, so I’m going
to let that speak for itself.”

timing couldn’t be any better for Sheppard than now as the Eagles newest
cornerback, Asante Samuel, suffered the first injury of camp aggravating a
hamstring injury he suffered during mini-camps earlier in the summer.

  The Eagles have a large dilemma on hand and
may have to pony up and pay Lito, especially if Samuel continues to be

Did you know?

Asante Samuel has averaged one interception for every 2.4 games he’s started while Lito Sheppard has averaged one for every 3.4 games he’s started.  Sheppard has started just five more games than Samuel in his six year NFL career.  Did you also know that they both have the exact same amount of total tackles, 232? 

Quarterback battle wide open in



All of those who thought Matt Ryan’s big contract automatically gave him the
starting job, think again!

  According to

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Falcons coach Mike Smith has made it clear that all four quarterback—Joey
Harrington, DJ Shockley, Chris Redman, and Ryan himself will compete for the
starting job.


going to be an open competition,” Smith said.

have a rotation so that all of our quarterbacks have an opportunity to work
early,” Smith said. “That’s something that we want to do, to give every guy an
opportunity to compete for the starting job.”

And what did the first round pick have to say?

  “I think there’s no right or wrong way to do
it. If it were an exact science, then everybody would follow the same protocol.
As a competitor and a player, I think that you want to be out on the field and
you want to have the ball in your hands.”

On paper it looks like a race that Ryan should have no problem winning,
at least over Harrington that is.

will be Ryan’s stiffest competition, but should pose no threat in the grand
scheme of things.

  Regardless of what the
Falcons coaches say there is no way the organization invested $72 million in to
the new face and quarterback of the franchise for him to sit the bench for

  However, at this point Ryan should
only be drafted in dynasty formats until he locks up the starting job and shows
he can produce at the NFL level.
































































San Diego Union Tribune

Chargers center

Nick Hardwick
talks about how the team has grown: “We definitely have matured as a group,”
Hardwick said. “We’re getting into our fifth and sixth years. We’ve got a lot
of good experience. When we were younger we had that stupid confidence, where
you don’t know what you don’t know. Now it’s a mature confidence, where we know
what we have to do.”


Free Press

“I just think he is kind of what we thought,” Lions coach

Rod Marinelli said talking about CB
Leigh Bodden. “He was a heck of a player coming out of

now, and I just think everybody’s starting to understand who he is.”

St Paul

Pioneer Press

Adrian Peterson answers on how many
yards he thinks he’ll rush for in ‘08: “I don’t know. Whatever it takes to help
my team win the division title and get to that Super Bowl. Any way I can
achieve it. It doesn’t matter if I have 200 yards for the whole season. If we
reach that Promised Land, I’ll be satisfied.”

St Louis

Post Dispatch

Head coach

Scott Linehan talks about
the rookie wide receiver who participated in training camp,

Keenan Burton. “When you put pads on, guys start to stand
out,” Linehan said. “If I was going to go on the first day, I would
say (

Burton has) a pretty good
handle on things. I’m very excited about that.”



Jaguars receiver

Matt Jones talks to
reporters at camp: “I’m embarrassed for Mr. and Mrs. [Delores] Weaver, coach

Del Rio, my teammates and
even the fans of

Jones said. “I’ve talked to [team owner] Wayne [Weaver], and the one thing is
that I put myself in a situation that wasn’t good.”

Shark Attack:

News Rundown

In Tampa Bay, according to the

Petersburg Times
, Jon Gruden hasn’t guaranteed

Earnest Graham will be the full-time starter, and has recently
hinted at

Warrick Dunn being a big
contributor this upcoming season…….


Devin Hester reported to Bears camp
this week amidst all the speculation he would be a holdout…… Rookies

Chris Johnson and

Jonathan Stewart recently agreed to terms with their two teams—the
Titans and Panthers…… Other rookies that agreed to terms include Jets defensive

Vernon Golston, Texans rookie
offensive tackle

Duane Brown, and
the Cowboys duo of cornerback

and running back

Felix Jones…..

Cowboys plan to waive wide receiver


The Bengals did waive
running back

Kenny Irons……. Defensive tackle

Shaun Rogers is creating quite a buzz in Browns camp as he
continues to show leadership, something that the Browns so desperately need on

  Redskins rookie WR

Devin Thomas is scheduled to miss about
two weeks after suffering a hamstring pull in camp, while

fellow rookie teammate, wide receiver

Malcolm Kelly, suffered a similar, less
severe form of the injury as well.

Raiders released running back


And finally— drum roll please— the latest rumor has

Brett Favre destined to be a J-E-T, Jet Jet Jet!

  There has also been some speculation he could
eventually up in

Minnesota if the
Jets decide to ship him away as soon as they receive him.

  I’d be willing to bet that commissioner
Goodell has both parties involved on speed dial.

  Can imagine the viewer ratings if Favre had
to face Tom Brady at least two weeks in 2008?

And you thought you were off the number four hook this week?


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