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Fantasy Playoff Prep

As you prepare for your league’s playoffs there are a few important things you have to remember so that you are best positioned to claim the championship.


Whether you managed an undefeated regular season or snuck in the playoffs on the heels of some crazy tiebreaker, the playoffs are a whole new season. Every team is one hot streak or one tragic hiccup from a championship or a first round exit. The most important thing that you can do now is to not try to get cute with your starting lineup. By now you have settled in with your core starters and key fill ins. Some NFL teams who are out of contention may use the last several weeks of the season to audition players for next year; you should NOT! A lot of times you may be tempted to get creative and play a touted matchup over an established player. Ninety percent of the time over thinking your matchups and getting cute will cost you. Stick with the guys who put your team in the position to make this championship run!


Another important thing to remember is to keep working the waiver wire.
  I know that it may sound contradicting to what I just said about your starters, but what I am talking about here is never stopping improving your team. Your starters are not immune to injuries just because you are in the playoffs, just ask owners of Matt Forte. Do your research and put in claims for guys. If you are thin at running back you should add Khalil Bell or Marion Barber just like you likely would if it were week four. Maybe one of them pans out and gives your team options if one of your established starters goes down. Even if you have better options and never plug the guys in, you may be keeping one of your opponents from filling a glaring hole on their roster.


If you have question marks at wide receiver adding Santana Moss should be a no brainer for you this week. The Redskins will be without Fred Davis and have been making a habit of targeting Moss since his return. Add all that to the fact that the Skins face off with the generous Patriots pass defense in week 14 and you may have found a nice fill in for your lineup woes.


Do you have Frank Gore? A savvy fantasy owner would be sure to grab Kendall Hunter right now if they have a droppable player. Yeah I know that Hunter has struggled to make the impact that many thought he would entering the season, but with the 49ERs creeping up on solidifying their playoff seed they may consider resting Gore to keep him fresh for the playoffs. If the Packers win a couple more games and it becomes apparent that the Niners can’t improve their seed they may look to work Hunter in to the mix more. Keep an eye on San Fran and other teams with similar situations that may develop.


You have made it this far. You are only a few more wins from reaching your goal. Keep calm, stay the course, but don’t stray from the same mentality and approach that got you to this point and good luck!

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