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Fantasy Playoff Rankings

fantasy football season is not over yet! The most important games of the year
are about to get underway. Check out all of the analysis and player rankings
for your playoff leagues …

Round Byes

Colts, Chargers, Saints, Vikings


: For those that are in pools
where you submit one lineup for the playoffs and you can select your own
lineup, I advise you to take players from 2-4 teams. The four teams that you
think will go to the NFC and AFC Championship games are the teams from which you
want to grab players.

If your
starting lineup requires nine positions, for example, do not have nine players
from seven different teams. You will wind up canceling yourself out by the
time the championship games come and people who loaded up on 2-4 teams will
have the advantage on you.

games to be played

The teams playing this week all have the potential to play four games in the
playoffs. Last year, the two No. 6 seeds went to their respective conference championships
(Ravens and Cardinals).

was able to play four games as they made it to the Super Bowl. Two years ago,
the same was for the Chargers and Giants. In 2005 and 2006, two Wild Card
weekend teams each made it to the conference championship games as well. So, in
the past four years, you have had two teams make it to the AFC or NFC
Championship that played in the first round. You need to search for one or two
teams that you like this weekend that can play at least three games.

Wild Card
weekend teams I would recommend

: Last year, I felt the Falcons against Cardinals winner
was critical since both teams had offensive firepower and whoever won that
first game could possibly get you three games. This year, the same could be
said for the Packers-Cardinals game.

Green Bay
has a great chance to win a few games this postseason, but how much longer can
the hot streak continue? The other NFC matchup is very intriguing, also. Any
one of these four Wild Card weekend teams in the NFC could be playing in their
conference championship. I do like

Green Bay
since I will pick them this week and can see them beating either of the dome
teams. I am leaning towards the Eagles since I think Andy Reid will not be beaten three times by a time in a season, but would rather take a
chance on

Green Bay. In the AFC,
I really don’t like any of the teams. I would have liked

New England with a healthy Wes Welker, but
that hurts their chances and also erases a fantasy point-producer from their

does not have enough offensive players to risk taking then and it will be a
tough task for them to keep up with

the following week. I would advise going chalk in the AFC, with either

Indianapolis or

San Diego,
and taking a chance in the NFC on a wildcard weekend team.

I would avoid:

entire AFC wildcard weekend pool –


New York,
New England and

Baltimore. I can’t see
any team worth the risk of winning two games. Maybe

Bengals, since they play up to their opponents and played a close game with

San Diego
in the regular season. The Jets and Ravens do not have enough options to use
and don’t see either team beating





last year, the quarterback pool is very deep this postseason. In the NFC, you
have six worthy quarterbacks that will be taken. Last year, players like Eli
Manning and Jake Delhomme weakened the fantasy quarterbacks. Replace them with Drew
Brees and Brett Favre and you have a great selection. You cannot go wrong with
any one from this group. I like Aaron Rodgers among my favorite NFC quarterbacks.

Pick your
poison – Peyton Manning or Philip Rivers. Don’t bother with the rest of the AFC
quarterbacks, even Tom Brady, unless you are a Patriots fan. Mark Sanchez, Carson
Palmer, Joe Flacco … pass.


  1. Peyton Manning

  2. Drew Brees

  3. Philip Rivers

  4. Aaron Rodgers

  5. Brett Favre

  6. Tony Romo

  7. Tom Brady

  8. Donovan McNabb

  9. Kurt Warner

  10. Carson


  11. Joe Flacco

  12. Mark Sanchez


In the
NFC, the passing game dominates with the top quarterbacks. However, there is a
stud in

Minnesota. Other than
that, Ryan Grant is a viable option if you like the Packers’ chances. The
Saints’, Eagles’ and Cowboys’ backfields are too crowded and I would rather not
trust a Cardinals back. Pierre Thomas’ injury is cause for some concern, and so
is the threat of

Mike Bell
and Reggie Bush.

Joseph Addai
has been great for the Colts this season and LaDainian Tomlinson has picked it
up as of late. Cedric Benson has had a great year, but faces a tough defense
this weekend. The Jets have the rushing attack too, but won’t provide the games
played. I’ll pick

so Benson is higher. Ray Rice is an excellent back and may be able to put up
huge numbers in two weeks, but probably won’t play more than two games.


  1. Adrian Peterson

  2. LaDainian Tomlinson

  3. Joseph Addai

  4. Ryan Grant

  5. Cedric Benson

  6. Ray Rice

  7. Marion Barber

  8. Thomas Jones

  9. Pierre Thomas –


  10. Beanie Wells

  11. Brian Westbrook

  12. Felix Jones

  13. Reggie Bush – Keep an eye on


  14. Darren Sproles

  15. Laurence Maroney


ide Receivers


quarterback and wide receiver positions are dependent on each other. Switch a
few teams from last year’s playoffs and insert some high-powered offenses, and
you will have yourself a variety of selections. There are a lot of studs at the
top of this list. It is all a matter of preference on who you think will
advance through the playoffs. Miles Austin or DeSean Jackson? It depends on
your Cowboys or Eagles pick.


  1. Reggie Wayne

  2. Vincent Jackson

  3. Randy Moss

  4. Sidney Rice

  5. Marques Colston

  6. Larry Fitzgerald

  7. DeSean Jackson

  8. Miles Austin

  9. Greg Jennings

  10. Donald Driver

  11. Percy Harvin

  12. Robert Meachem

  13. Chad Ochocinco

  14. Pierre Garcon

  15. Derrick Mason

  16. Anquan Boldin –


  17. Julian Edelman

  18. Jerricho Cotchery

  19. Jeremy Maclin

  20. Malcolm Floyd



The top
two teams in the AFC have the clear-cut Top 2 tight ends. After that, it
depends on your winners. I like the Packers to advance so Jermichael Finley is
an option. The NFC East showcases a pair of good tight ends as well. Jeremy Shockey
is a risk-reward player, because if healthy he can put up points in that
offense. After the Top 6, you are really fishing for tight ends, though. 


  1. Dallas


  2. Antonio Gates

  3. Jermichael Finley

  4. Brent Celek

  5. Jason Witten

  6. Vishante Shiancoe

  7. Jeremy Shockey

  8. Ben Watson

  9. Todd Heap

  10. David Thomas


This weekend I like the Bengals, Eagles, Patriots and Packers. It should be a great weekend of football.

Good luck
and enjoy the games!

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