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Fantasy Potpourri

Do you ever hear a statistic on ESPN or other fantasy source and wonder, “how did they get that?” No worries my friends as I have decided to take a deep dive into researching last year’s statistics. Here are 20 tidbits of information that should be taken into account before your upcoming fantasy draft. I have updated my rankings accordingly after analyzing this miscellaneous information, so feel free to do the same. You may “believe it or not,” but these 20 sweet morsels of data may help you win your league this season.


  1. undefined undefined
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    undefined undefined undefinedIs Jamaal Charles the next Chris Johnson?

Charles had six or less carries until Week 10, yet still produced more than 1,100 rushing yards and nearly 300 receiving yards. He also averaged slightly more yards per carry than Johnson. Is ‘J.C’ the next ‘C.J.’?


  1. Don’t throw in the towel on Michael Turner.

If Turner had stayed healthy and on pace for the same amount of carries as the previous season, he would have ended the year with more than 1,600 rushing yards, just like in 2008.


  1. Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre can succeed together.

Peterson may have run for fewer yards last season with Favre at quarterback, but ‘A.P.’ made up for the difference by more than tripling his receiving yards and adding eight more touchdowns.


  1. Ray Rice will continue success with Joe Flacco.

 Rice was the only running back with double-digit receptions in a game last year. With Flacco continuing to mature and dumping it off short to Rice, look for another huge year rushing and receiving.


  1. Chris Johnson should be the first pick.  

‘C.J.’ topped 100 yards rushing from Week 6 to the last game of the season.   He also caught 50 passes for 500 yards. Anything close to these numbers in 2010 would be enormous.


  1. Favre and Peyton Manning were nearly identical in fantasy points last season.  

Favre tied Manning with 33 touchdowns, but threw eight fewer interceptions.   Keep an eye on the gunslinger’s status in the next month. He should return, but has tendencies to second guess himself.


  1. An offensive line upgrade may increase Aaron Rodgers’ numbers.  

Rodgers was sacked 50 times last year, which was five times the amount of Manning’s 10. Imagine what a slightly improved Green Bay Packers offensive line could do for Rodgers’ stat line.


  1. Pay attention to

    New York
    ’s Steve Smith, especially in points-per-reception leagues.

Smith finished second in total receptions last year. Yes, he had more catches than Andre Johnson and Brandon Marshall.


  1. Do not underestimate Randy Moss’ ability to get open in the end zone.

Moss has averaged more than 15 touchdowns over last three seasons. Andre Johnson has never ended the year with double-digit touchdown total.


  1. Kyle Orton may be a sleeper … again.

Orton threw for more yards last season than Kurt Warner, Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer and Donovan McNabb.  I’m just sayin’!


  1. Jason Witten was very unlucky last season.  


had the second-most receptions by a tight end in 2009, yet yielded only two touchdowns. Is this a case of bad luck?


  1. A healthy Owen Daniels can be dangerous.

Daniels was the top fantasy tight end through Week 7, until his season-ending injury. Daniels’ quarterback Matt Schaub threw for more yards than any other quarterback. Can you say “high upside?”

  1. Vernon

    was very lucky last season. Will he repeat?


led all tight ends in touchdowns with 13. In fact, he also tied Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald for most reception touchdowns. I am forecasting less than 10 this year, but still strong.


  1. Quarterbacks lead most standard leagues in fantasy points.   

Even with a huge year from Chris Johnson, the top quarterbacks still scored more total fantasy points.


  1. Aaron Rodgers has wheels!

Rodgers ran for more than 316 yards last year, more than Vince Young. He also scored five rushing touchdowns. He averaged a yard per carry more than his running back Ryan Grant.


  1. Jermichael Finley caught fire in the second half.

The Packers’ 6-foot-5, 245-pound. tight end had 70 or more receiving yards four of the last five weeks of the season. However, his dominance was on full display as he had 159 yards in a Wild Card loss to the Arizona Cardinals.


  1. The
    Denver Broncos and

    Raiders may be late-round defensive sleepers.



finished fifth and seventh best in pass defense for yards per game allowed. However, they were among the worst in rush defense.


  1. Cheers to the NFC North.
    Green Bay and

    ’s run defenses are top run-stoppers.   

Green Bay


 only allowed five rushing touchdowns each last season. Can you find any connection to Favre? It’s a stretch, I know.


  1.  The

    Green Bay
    Packers pass defense may not be as bad as it looks.   

Despite finishing fourth worst in passing touchdowns allowed with 29,

Green Bay
also led the league in interceptions.


  1. There is no rhyme or reason to draft a kicker early

San Diego Chargers’ Nate Kaeding led all kickers in points. Although he has been consistent over the years, it is very difficult to predict the top five kickers. However, my only advice is to draft a kicker that has a halfway decent offense.


Best of luck to everyone in developing your draft strategies. Hopefully, one of these random nuggets of fantasy knowledge will make a difference for you.  Happy drafting!

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