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Fantasy Power Ranking

  Rank Last Week Team Comment
   1 1 Indianapolis Colts James would like to remind everyone that he is, can be, and will be “Da Man.”
  2 2 St. Louis Rams Bulger to Holt to Wilkens … another triple play!
  3 3 Kansas City Chiefs Back to Back Gonzalez weeks.
  4 4 Minnesota Vikings Campbell soup and a Culpepper and egg sandwich.  What a nice meal.
  5 5 Tennessee TItans Fantasy scoring makes them look like the Tennessee Gnomes.
  6 6 New York Giants How many times have I said this? “Don’t go to your Barber and drink Collins’!”
  7 11 Denver Broncos I guess Shannon Sharpe is still playing, who knew?
  8 7 Green Bay Packers Green Machine! Green Machine! Green Machine!
  9 10 Seattle Seahawks Hasselbeck “Engram-med” the ball for Alexander.
  10 9 San Francisco 49ers Owens nothing to the QB, it’s Ownes who makes the QB.
  11 8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Where is the love Keyshawn?
  12 13 Cincinnati Bengals CSI Warrick plays football too?
  13 14 New Orleans Saints Deuce almost runs for more yards than Brooks throws for.
  14 12 New York Jets Is Carter the new Chrebet for Pennington?
  15 18 Carolina Panthers The prophet Muhammad had his day.
  16 15 New England Patriots Total Belichick Fantasy Points = 0.
  17 16 Dallas Cowboys Total Tuna Fantasy Points = 0.
  18 17 Washington Redskins Is Ramsey the Theisman of 2003?
  19 20 Pittsburgh Steelers “Tommy can you hear me? Tommy can you see me?” A quote by Hines Ward in the 4th Quarter.
  20 27 Cleveland Browns Holcomb looking like the whole-sum of the quarterback that the Browns need.
  21 19 Jacksonville Jaguars Fuamatu-Ma’afala what a nice name for a potential starting RB.
  22 22 Oakland Raiders Who woke up Tyrone?
  23 23 Houston Texans Tony Banks representing with Johnson
  24 25 Miami Dolphins If your QB can’t throw then you better have a good kicker and they do.
  25 21 San Diego Chargers Doug must be making it up in the huddle again. 
  26 24 Baltimore Ravens Where oh where has the offense gone?
  27 30 Philadelphia Eagles Its a new drama in Philly … “The West Brook”
  28 26 Buffalo Bills The “D” gets two safeties in the game, but no one else scores.
  29 29 Detroit Lions Harrington making a bid to be a 3rd round pick next year.
  30 31 Chicago Bears Chandler and “friends” couldn’t make it past the “D”oormen.
  31 28 Arizona Cardinals Stuffed up like a Thanksgiving Turkey by the Browns.
  32 32 Atlanta Falcons Tough to move when the “D” matches your RB.

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