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Fantasy Power Ranking

  Rank Last Week Team Comment
  1 2 St. Louis Rams Now this is what we expect from a Faulk (except Peter).
  2 1 Indianapolis Colts Back to Back James
  3 3 Kansas City Chiefs Holmes deduced that it was Mr. Green in the kitchen with the maid’s garter belt.
  4 4 Minnesota Vikings Defense waxes and polishes the motor city.
  5 5 Tennessee Titans Wycheck out George when you have to McCareins for everyone else.
  6 9 Seattle Seahawks Action Jackson!
  7 11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Keyshawn who? Lets hear it for Lee Charles. Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee!
  8 8 Green Bay Packers “Ah. Ah. Ah Ah. Ah Ah. Ah Ah.”-man Green, as sung by the Back Street Boys.
  9 7 Denver Broncos Rod “The Journeyman” Smith and Clinton Port-“a-potty”-is couldn’t overcome the mighty Chicago kicker.
  10 6 New York Giants Giant’s “D” out-fantasy’s the Barber? Oh what a night! Late November back in ought-three. 
  11 12 Cincinnati Bengals Dangling Chad Johnson hanging on to Kitna’s passing ballot
  12 13 New Orleans Saints Deuce gets his numbers, but look at Tight End phenom Eddie Williams. Wow. I better pick him up.
  13 10 San Francisco 49ers Owens owned by Green Bay.
  14 16 New England Patriots In a surprise move, Marshall Faulk subbed in for NE’s Kevin Faulk.
  15 14 New York Jets Martin plays like Martin of old Parcels
  16 17 Dallas Cowboys I think Quincy got tired of reading “Parcels this” and “Parcels that” in the New England papers last week.
  17 15 Carolina Panthers Davis lost in the epic battle of “Stephen vs The Tuna”
  18 18 Washington Redskins Canidate for victory!
  19 26 Baltimore Ravens “Danger Marcus Robinson. Danger. Danger.”
  20 20 Cleveland Browns Jesse James Jackson steals the show with his best weekend yet.
  21 19 Pittsburgh Steelers Led by the high (fantasy) scoring defense.
  22 22 Oakland Raiders Mirer playing like a number one draft pick.
  23 21 Jacksonville Jaguars Taylor hemmed in by the Jets.
  24 27 Philadelphia Eagles McNabb was Akers-ing for something good to happen.
  25 24 Miami Dolphins Williams is on pace to double the fantasy points of all Dolphin Offensive players
  26 25 San Diego Chargers Flutie must be remembering his days in Boston in Tomlinson Square.
  27 23 Houston Texans Lookin’ like they lost their Bowl Bid this week. Wait, they’re not a college team?
  28 29 Detroit Lions Harrington finds Hakim “The Dream”, just not often enough.
  29 28 Buffalo Bills Remember when Jim Kelly was quarterback? The numbers would suck but they’d still win.
  30 31 Arizona Cardinals Use the force Anquan. Trust the Force.
  31 30 Chicago Bears Edinger joins the elite ranks of the kickers that get more endorsements than the offense.
  32 32 Atlanta Falcons Dunn had the effort but couldn’t handle the Price for a win.

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