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Fantasy Power Ranking

  Rank Last Week Team Comment
  1 1 St. Louis Rams Coming out of his Warner induced depression, Faulk rips it up.
  2 2 Indianapolis Colts James was Manning the guns, but it wasn’t enough to maintain victory
   3 3 Kansas City Chiefs Holmes, Holmes on the range. 
   4 4 Minnesota Vikings Let us harken back to that rookie year of Moss dominating via Culpepper
5 6 Seattle Seahawks “Action Jackson” starring German singing sensation Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander “the Greek”
  6 5 Tennessee Titans Derrick Mason wins another case in the court of NFL justice
7 11 Cincinnati Bengals Kitna’s Johnson leads the way
  8 8 Green Bay Packers Favre is producing a new show “Walker, Green Bay Reciever”
  9 9 Denver Broncos Excuse me, may I have a Portis to carry my Broncos?
  10 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Why is Tampa playing its McCardell so close to it’s vest?
  11 14 New England Patriots Brady gets his name in Neon-Deion Branch lights with a cast of a thousand receivers!
  12 10 New York Giants Toomer of a good thing isn’t really good at all now is it?
  13 12 New Orleans Saints McAllister Brooks is the leading name(s) in gentlemen’s wear in Cajun Country
14 15 New York Jets Chad to Curtis, Chad to Curtis that’s all the announcers had to say last weekend.
15 13 San Francisco 49ers Peterson’s back so the team stops playing. Hey na, hey na, Peterson’s back.
  16 16 Dallas Cowboys Ex-President Q. Carter hires a new chief of staff, Anderson
17 19 Baltimore Ravens Ravens Defense is as hot as a pot bellied Stover
18 17 Carolina Panthers Back on the Delhomme ranch his two boys Muhammad and Smith would run around all day catching stuff but not bringing it home.
19 18 Washington Redskins John Hall pass is effectively used
20 21 Pittsburgh Steelers When Hines shines, Maddox doesn’t suck
21 25 Miami Dolphins Proving that mammels are smarter than cowboys, the Defense opens up the Chambers on the Fielder, allowing Williams free range.
22 23 Jacksonville Jaguars Handsome Jimmy Smith now starring in “Jacksonville P.D. Law”
23 24 Philadelphia Eagles David is Akers for a raise after this year!
24 22 Oakland Raiders Don’t get used to the names on the Raiders’ uniforms, they’ll all be changing next year, except that stupid #1 drafted kicker
25 20 Cleveland Browns Lets change the name of the team to Brown-Outs
  26 26 San Diego Chargers Tomlinson boosts “flukie” Flutie
27 28 Detroit Lions My your son is so Hanson, but why is one leg so much bigger than the other?
28 29 Buffalo Bills Henry writes great stories, like “The Gift of Bledsoe” where Drew cuts off his passing arm and Moulds cuts off his hands to buy each other a gift.
29 31 Chicago Bears Forsey-ing the future, Kordell decided to play good for the sake of his pocket book.
30 27 Houston Texans Dominating Dominick Davis deserves dees accolades
31 30 Arizona Cardinals Jones shines as Cardinals are devoured by Bears
  32 32 Atlanta Falcons Duckett ain’t Dunn

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