Saturday - Oct 19, 2019

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Fantasy Power Ranking

Each week we run down our own fantasy power rankings based on offensive fantasy points scored.  Look for trends of teams on the way up or on the way down to help you decide where to lay your fantasy hat.

There is a lot of movement this week as this young season begins to sort out the players from the scrubs.

  Rank Last Week Team Comments
1 2 St. Louis Rams “Billy” Bulger must be betting on these guys.
2 1 Indianapolis Colts The bye week will give them time to find a way to catch up
3 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Care of Johnson and Johnson
4 7 Kansas City Chiefs A sign of the coming apocalypse?
5 4 Minnesota Vikings Inertia is a killer baby.
6 3 Denver Broncos The Steel Curtain brought the show down, man.
7 8 Green Bay Packers Had their bags packed by the Chiefs
8 12 Tennessee Titans Air McNair
  9 9 New York Giants Cocky Shockey and Barber-ella
10 6 Washington Redskins Corralled by the buc’s
11 10 Dallas Cowboys Is the dream slipping from the Tuna melt?
12 11 San Francisco 49ers The mine shaft done dried up
  13 13 Seattle Seahawks Steady as the rain in Seattle
14 17 Houston Texans Carr carries the carriage
15 14 Pittsburgh Steelers Defense Rules their destiny
16 15 Jacksonville Jaguars Really good actually for near the bottom of the barrel
17 19 San Diego Chargers Gaining Ground while they re-Charger their batteries
18 24 New York Jets Rout of Buffalo helps these guys out
19 16 New England Patriots Sputtering Offense
20 23 New Orleans Saints A win is a win is a win
21 22 Cincinnati Bengals The most mediocre team in the league?
22 21 Miami Dolphins Finding a way to beat a better team
23 26 Carolina Panthers Picked it up a notch against a top-notch team
24 19 Oakland Raiders Cleveland Crushes
25 20 Buffalo Bills Rumor has it that the front office wants to bring in Doug Flutie
26 25 Detroit Lions They spent the last week dreaming of Sanders
  27 27 Cleveland Browns A good week to have a bad week
28 29 Baltimore Ravens The Lewis and Boller Expedition
29 32 Arizona Cardinals Turning it around to make it interesting?
30 28 Atlanta Falcons Just plain embarrassed
31 30 Chicago Bears Kordell looking for the Kor-Gateway?
32 31 Philadelphia Eagles Looking more like Peter McNabb at the helm

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