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Fantasy Power Rankings

  Rank Last Week Team Comment
  1 2 Indianapolis Colts I will not live in the shadow of my father. I will not live in the shadow of my ….
2 1 St. Louis Rams “D-Fence! D-Fence!” “Yes Tattoo, defense does win championships, but not Fantasy Championships.”
  3 3 Kansas City Chiefs Stop the run? We’ll pass. Stop the Pass? We’ll Run. You can’t catch us all!
  4 7 Minnesota Vikings I’ll have a “Sloppy Moe” with a side of Culpepper.
  5 4 Tennessee Titans “Air McNair” still has a good ring to it and the defense will prove it.
  6 5 New York Giants Only the Barber got paid last week.
  7 6 Green Bay Packers A Green pasture isn’t the same without some trees and a bit of Favre in the picture.
  8 8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers It’s not easy sailing the seven seas of football with all the king’s ships gunning for  you.
  9 9 San Francisco 49ers In a surprise move, the NFL commissioner vetoed the 49ers request for a name change to “Gold Digging Individuals” because it would belittle the efforts of the “Anna Nicole-Smiths” of the world.
  10 10 Seattle Seahawks “Alexander the Great” lost some of his empire to the vandals.
  11 11 Denver Broncos Busy cleaning out the stables last week. No action at all.
  12 15 New York Jets Pennington Bear wipes the moss of the Jets north side.
  13 16 Cincinnati Bengals “Its the final two plays for Notre Dame … and what is it that the fans are cheering?”
  14 13 New Orleans Saints Spent last week cloistered around Deuce.
  15 14 New England Patriots One lantern hung in the Foxboro tower and the cry went out over the land … “Parcels is coming! Parcels is coming!”
  16 12 Dallas Cowboys Vintage Parcels … ugly, ugly winning football.
  17 18 Washington Redskins The Gardner’s crop of Ramsey and Coles proved quite fruitful.
  18 20 Carolina Panthers Somehow “Air Delhomme” doesn’t sound marketable.
  19 17 Jacksonville Jaguars Taylor patterned a major upset.
  20 19 Pittsburgh Steelers This team is heading for the emergency Ward.
  21 26 San Diego Chargers Is Flutie the “Dick Clark” of the NFL?
  22 23 Oakland Raiders In a bizarre move, owner Al Davis is announced the Starting QB this week.
  23 22 Houston Texans First there was the “All Johnson Team” now there’s a cry for the “All Davis Team”
  24 25 Baltimore Ravens Louie, Louie, Lewis.
  25 21 Miami Dolphins I don’t think there is enough room on William’s back for the Dolphin offense.
  26 24 Buffalo Bills And that is how the west was won.
  27 27 Cleveland Browns A Brown-out in KC helps to conserve energy for the nation.
  28 30 Arizona Cardinals I guess garbage time pads stats in the NFL too.
  29 29 Detroit Lions … Announce today that Jason Hanson is their franchise player for 2003 and 2004.
  30 31 Philadelphia Eagles McNabbing some points, but nothing else.
  31 28 Chicago Bears Old time football … lead with your Tight End and score with your Kicker.
  32 32 Atlanta Falcons This team Dunn relies on a sick Vick.

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