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Fantasy Power Rankings

Each week we run down our own fantasy power rankings based on offensive fantasy points scored. Look for trends of teams on the way up or on the way down to help you decide where to lay your fantasy hat.


   Rank Last Week Team Comment
  1 1 St Louis Rams Putting up numbers like they played Arena Football.
  2 2 Indianapolis Colts Ed James keeps this name at number two.
  3 3 Kansas City Chiefs A week of relaxation can only help Priest’s flock!
  4 4 Tennessee Titans Air McNair back from refueling.
  5 7 New York Giants Collins the shots in NYC.
  6 6 Green Bay Packers I said “Green Go!” not gringo!
  7 5 Minnesota Vikings A vegetarian sandwich … Moss with Culpeppers.
  8 8 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Johnson and Johnson brand loss.
  9 9 San Francisco 49ers Nothing this week as the team does sprints up Telegraph Hill. Bye Week.
  10 10 Denver Broncos Chillin’ in the mile high atmosphere and licking their wounds. Bye Week.
  11 16 Seattle Seahawks Jackson Brown and a brandy Alexander
  12 12 Dallas Cowboys “I was born a poor mason’s child.” – Hambrick
  13 11 New Orleans Saints Granma says dat gumbo helps the walking wounded. Bye Week.
  14 18 New England Patriots Just enough time for Vinatieri to do another commercial or two. Bye Week.
  15 19 New York Jets Moss for naught.
  16 13 Cincinnati Bengals “I Kitna buy a win!” – Scotty to Kirk
  17 16 Jacksonville Jaguars Taylor made losses
  18 14 Washington Redskins Ramsey smothered like a poor fitting Trojan.
  19 21 Pittsburgh Steelers Ward-ing off wins isn’t his specialty.
  20 17 Carolina Panthers The best Stephen Davis in Carolina since the Lincoln debates.
  21 20 Miami Dolphins Williams loses in the RB Battle.
  22 22 Houston Texans Miller High Life time as the Tight End leads the team in fantasy points!
  23 24 Oakland Raiders Can’t Garner any respect.
  24 25 Buffalo Bills Maybe they should take another week off …. they could move up another notch.
  25 26 Baltimore Ravens On top of the Heap …
  26 23 San Diego Chargers One player does not a team make
  27 27 Cleveland Browns Which Cleveland team will play this week?
  28 29 Chicago Bears Abandon hope all ye with player here
  29 28 Detroit Lions Place kicker fantasy teams from here down!
  30 30 Arizona Cardinals Shipp sets sail!
  31 32 Philadelphia Eagles McNabb’s a win and a move up.
  32 31 Atlanta Falcons Remember when Dunn just Dunn it all with TB?

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