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Fantasy Sharks on The Speeding Bullet Network

This week, Ed Berliner and Doug Coutts touched upon a number of timely subjects.  Check out the website at

We also talked about our weekly 

Running Back Roulette that is going on, meaning, we hope that you’re not in a position where you need to consider these players and/or teams, but…


Ok, so the Travis Henry suspension is over, what does that mean?  That means that a healthy

Selvin Young lights the lamp for 156 yards!!  Mike Shanahan, as we’ve discussed ad nauseam, likes the hot hand, and right now that hand is Young.  Great matchup this week for the Broncos starter against the Texans, so if you’ve got Young, you’re good to go. 

Kansas City


Kolby Smith has been the love of fantasy owners for the past few weeks, but that ride is coming to an end.  Smith is dinged up, Gilbert Harris is next in line to start if Smith can’t go.  In general, from this point on this season, avoid all Chiefs not named Gonzalez. 

New York Giants

Brandon Jacobs is back as the sole running back, but he can’t seem to hold onto the ball.  While fumbles don’t affect the fantasy player directly, it doesn’t sit well with the coach.  Tom Coughlin doesn’t want to see the ball on the ground, so if Jacobs continues to drop the rock, then his playing time will decrease.  Keep an eye on this, but in the meantime, enjoy the ride as Jacobs is a good RB2 from here on out. 


Marshawn Lynch is back and healthy, 107 yards and a TD last week.   The Bills really haven’t got much else going for them right now, so Lynch will continue to be the man, and Cleveland is next on the schedule.  Yum!

Quarterback’s in the News


Jason Campbell is hurt, which is too bad, he’s been showing signs of moving into the “can start based on matchup” range.  Enter

Todd Collins, the longtime Chief backup.  Collins can get it done, so if you are hurting, don’t be afraid as he’s got a decent matchup this week. 


Kyle Orton, not Brian Griese, gets the starting nod with Rex Grossman done for the season.  I wouldn’t consider him a fantasy option, Bears are finishing out a disappointing season.


This week it is up to

Cleo Lemon as the Dolphins attempt to put a one in the win column this season.  Not a fantasy option.  Why aren’t the Dolphins giving John Beck a tryout to see what they’ve got in the rookie?

New York Jets

Kellen Clemens is playing mistake free, and given that he’s up against New England, we need to take a moment to consider the players that have had their best game of the season against the Patriots.  However, weather looks like it won’t cooperate, so look for Clemens to continue with his low yet mistake free numbers. 


Fragile Matt Schaub is still out, and

Sage Rosenfels continues to do well.  Of all the players on this list, I’d rank Rosenfels at the top if you need to start one of these guys this week (hopefully you don’t).  Houston has talent at WR (Andre Johnson), not much of a running game, and they play from behind almost all the time.  Not a bad combination for good fantasy numbers. 


Marc Bulger appears ready to come back, but I’d tread lightly here.  Bulger hasn’t proved he can last an entire game and the Rams have a tough schedule coming up with the Packers and Steelers on the schedule.  Look elsewhere.

This week’s

Start List

QBs Drew Brees, New Orleans/Kurt Warner, Arizona

The Saints without Bush are like a Cardinal with an ineffective Edgerrin James, they will not be marching the ball on the ground.  Look for Brees and Warner to continue their usual 300yards/3TDs this week in an offense showcase game.

RB LenDale White, Tennessee

After a lull of a couple of weeks, White re-appears on the start list after a nice 113 yard/TD performance last week against the Chargers.  Vince Young’s struggling in the air again, which forces the Titans to the ground.  Kansas City is a nice matchup this week, too. 

WR Greg Jennings, Green Bay

Jennings is the most consistent Packer, 5TDs in the last 4 games, including a 100+ yard effort last week.  Count on the same this week.

TE Desmond Clark, Chicago

With Orton taking over the controls, he’ll need a quick place to dump the ball off.  Clark has been fairly consistent, around 50 yards per week, look for that to continue and even spike upwards this week.

The week’s Bench List

QB Vince Young, Tennessee

Last week he returned to his usual 120 yards and 2 interceptions.  He’s not running, so you shouldn’t be considering him as your starter. 

RB Adrian Peterson, Chicago

Peterson has a good week and a half, but he’s already showing signs of slowing down.  The change at QB downgrades the entire Bears offense, look elsewhere.

RB Kolby Smith, Kansas City

As discussed above, Smith is hurting, but beyond that, the Kansas City offense should really be avoided. 

WR Roddy White, Atlanta

White enjoyed a streak of 3 games where he was worthy of a fantasy start, those weeks are over.  Atlanta is another place to avoid for the remainder of the season. 

Hot Players to Stay Hot

RB Marion Barber, Dallas

Though Barber is still sharing carries, he is clearly the man at the goal line.  How many other owners were unceremoniously bumped from the playoffs last week when Barber went wild with 3 TDs last week?  I. 

QB Tom Brady/WR Randy Moss, New England

The Patriots passing game will go well no matter the elements, and certainly no matter the opponent.  Records are ready to be broken here for both of these guys, so look for them to keep the foot on the accelerator.  Enjoy!

RB Earnest Graham, Tampa Bay

The waiver wire wonder continued last week with, ho hum, another 100+ yards and 2 TDs.  He’s not slowing down, especially with Atlanta on the schedule this week.

RB Ryan Grant, Green Bay

Without the fanfare of Graham, this waiver wire wonder continues to do well, too.  156 yards and a TD last week, Cleveland on this week’s schedule, nice.

Denver at Houston

Not a ton of fantasy numbers to come out of this one, but we usually discuss the Thursday game in this space. 

RB Selvin Young should continue to be the hot hand at running back for Denver,

QB Sage Rosenfels of Houston could end up with top 10 fantasy stats this week. 

WR Andre Johnson is always in your lineup.  Perhaps the most significant change is at the microphone, Bryant Gumbel has a sore throat and will be sitting this one out.  NFL Network viewers rejoice!

Arizona at New Orleans

Fantasy owners, this is the game of the week!  Air show on both sides, so keep all your players active this week. 

Warner and Brees should be well over 300 yards and 3TD. 

Fitzgerald, Boldin, even Bryant Johnson look good for Arizona. 

Colston and TE Eric Johnson for the Saints.  Don’t be afraid to go with

RB Aaron Stecker if you must.  While the ground game won’t do much, without Bush, Stecker will excel in the air, likely to the tune of 8 or so catches and 80 yards.  Enjoy!

New York Jets at New England

Well, we can’t discuss this game without mentioning…the weather (what, you thought I’d mention something else?).  Not looking good, so keep the Jets players at their usual low ranking (lately we’ve been giving bumps up to the Patriots opponent’s passing game). 

RB Thomas Jones, if he’s your guy, then you have to stick with him, but don’t expect anything special, even in a game with poor weather.  Continue to ride your Patriots,

Brady, Moss, Stallworth, Welker, and even Jabar Gaffney as he’s put together a couple of good weeks while opponents concentrate on the big guns.  And as always, stay away from the New England RBs. 



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