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Fantasy Sharks on The Speeding Bullet Network

This week, Ed Berliner and Doug Coutts touched upon a number of timely subjects.  Check out the website at

We also talked about our weekly 

Running Back Roulette that is going on, meaning, we hope that you’re not in a position where you need to consider these players and/or teams, but…

Running Back Roulette

New Orleans

Aaron Stecker owners have been enjoying a very good two weeks, but, looks like

Reggie Bush is coming back.  Keep an eye on this, if Bush plays, then he’ll surely cut deeply into Stecker’s playing time.

Kansas City

The Chiefs seem to be pushing

Larry Johnson back onto the field, for some unknown reason. 

Kolby Smith is healthy, and performing very well.  Johnson is still not ready to go, but another sharing situation to be aware of. 

San Diego

LaDainian Tomlinson tweaked his hamstring and sat out the entire second half last week.  Still, his first half numbers (116 yards/2 TD) were like those of an entire game of a mortal RB. 

Darren Sproles stepped in to the tune of 122 yards and 2TDs in a half of work.  Tough division game this week, but expect Tomlinson to be ready to go for the duration. 

New York Giants

Brandon Jacobs, no fumbles last week, nice.  160 total yards, also nice.  More TDs (some TDs!) would be nice, but Jacobs has proved to be the Giants workhorse, and he should continue to do so for the duration of the season. 


Adrian Peterson is healthy, and he’s dominating again.  The Vikings are in a playoff chase so Peterson will continue to be the horse that carries Minnesota as far as they will go. 

Quarterback News

Tony Romo, Dallas

Here’s hoping that Jessica Simpson doesn’t make another appearance in the stands.  Just a stinker for Romo last week, something he experienced against Buffalo earlier this season.  Worse, he appeared at practice this week with a big bandage on his thumb.  This is a concern.  Keep an eye on this situation, you may need to seek alternative options if you are a Romo owner. 

Kellen Clemens, New York Jets

Clemens was knocked out of last week’s game on the first play, rib and/or shoulder injuries.  Hopefully you are not relying on the Jets quarterback, but if you are, Chad Pennington may get another call to action this week. 

Todd Collins, Washington

So far so good, Collins continues to roll.  The Redskins are still in the playoff mix and Jason Campbell will still be on the sidelines.  Collins will continue to be a top 10-15 fantasy quarterback from this point forward. 

Jon Kitna, Detroit

Doctor Jekyll, meet Doctor Hyde.  Kitna has now come full circle, from a must start early in the season, to a must not start now.  Kitna, simply put, stinks.  Detroit will continue to go with him as the starter, but you shouldn’t be anymore. 

Other News…

WR Steve Smith, Carolina

We’ve spent quite a bit of time in this space talking about Steve Smith’s troubles…but he’s turned things around.  The Panthers are making a concerted effort to get him the ball, including two rushing attempts last week.  He has worked his way back into being a fantasy starter. 

WR Laveranues Coles, NY Jets

Coles’ body has failed him.  He willed himself onto the field last week, but didn’t end up spending much time there.  He simply can’t go on and the Jets might end up putting him on IR, ending his season.  Coles is no longer worth considering. 

Start List…

QB Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia

McNabb has much to prove over these last two games, this is essentially a tryout for him to showcase his wares to other teams.  He’s out to prove he can still get the job done, look for him to light it up against a generous Saints pass defense.

RB Laurence Maroney, New England

Yes, that’s right, a Patriot on the start list.  The weather has turned ugly, and the Patriots have adjusted accordingly, proving that they can indeed run the ball if they want to.  Last week against the Jets, 100+ yards and a TD, he should be able to duplicate those numbers again this week. 

WR Greg Jennings, Green Bay

All this guy does is score TDs, five weeks in a row now.  The Chicago defense is not going to stop him, so keep riding him while he’s hot. 

WR Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City

Detroit has one of the worse pass defenses in the league, even the Chiefs should be able to get some passing going.  Bowe is the top receiver, so if you’ve got him, don’t be afraid to play him this week. 

Bench List…

QB Philip Rivers, San Diego

He will continue to post low numbers as the running game continues to go wild.  They’re up against a tough Denver passing defense this week, so look for other options if you have Rivers. 

RB Shaun Alexander, Seattle

Nothing much else to say here, except that Alexander should continue to be on your fantasy bench.

RB Aaron Stecker, New Orleans

Despite the strong game last week, Reggie Bush is reported to be coming back, which will surely cut into Stecker’s fantasy production.

WR Lee Evans, Buffalo

Again, nothing more to say here, let’s move along. 

Pittsburgh at St.Louis

Should be good fantasy numbers on both sides here.  In the dome, so weather is not a factor, which is very welcome for the Steelers. 

QB Ben Roethlisberger is not making many mistakes, no interceptions last week, 3 TDs.  The yardage should go way up against the Rams defense this week. 

RB Willie Parker has been hit or miss, 100 yards last week but no TDs, he should find the end zone this week. 

WRs Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes also worth a fantasy start.  On the other side,

RB Steven Jackson is back in a big way, 150+ total yards and a TD this week, those numbers should continue. 

QB Marc Bulger is an average start, probably 250 yards or so and a couple TDs. 

WR Torry Holt is sitting out practice, but that’s nothing new for him, he should be a fine start. 

Dallas at Carolina

QB Matt Moore is once again expected to start for the Panthers, though

Vinny Testaverde says he is ready to play. Avoid both. 

RB DeAngelo Williams is getting the bulk of the productive work, but

DeShaun Foster is still splitting time with him. 

WR Steve Smith is back, don’t be afraid to play him, 8 catches and 72 yards last week plus a couple of rushing attempts. 

QB Tony Romo laid an egg last week, as a result bringing down

RB Marion Barber and

WR Terrell Owens.  The Dallas offense should rebound this week,

TE Jason Witten continued to be a monster, 100+ yards again last week. 

Miami at New England

Always need to talk about the Patriots in this space, this week is no exception.  The weather is again looking like it will be a factor, so look for the Patriots running game to continue to shine. 

RB Laurence Maroney will be a fine start. 

QB Tom Brady and WR Randy Moss are must starts, as both are so close to breaking single season records.  On the other side, nothing much to see. 

WR Marty Booker and QB Cleo Lemon not worth considering. 

RB Samkon Gado may be in for a nice game, so he can be considered if you don’t have other options, maybe 100 yards and a TD, so that wouldn’t be bad.  Patriots should be able to salt this one away, look for Maroney to get his 100 yards and a TD then get some rest. 

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