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FANTASY SHARKS RADIO: Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy — Week 5 Preview

We’ve made it through four weeks of the 2016 NFL season — a month into this year’s fantasy football campaign. And we’ve already learned a valuable lesson.

We don’t know nearly as much as we thought we did.

Sure, we figured a quarterback from the NFC South would be the top fantasy option at his position. But very few people believed that quarterback would be Atlanta’s Matt Ryan, who just roasted the Carolina Panthers to the tune of 500+ passing yards and four touchdowns.

We thought that an AFC North running back had a good shot at ranking toward the top of the NFL in rushing yards per game and near the top of the fantasy rankings in points per game. We didn’t think, however, that running back would be Cleveland’s Isaiah Crowell, who currently leads the AFC with 394 yards on the ground.

Many folks were certain a wide receiver named Jones would pace the league in receiving yards. And sure enough, after a 300+ yard effort against the Panthers Julio Jones of the Falcons leads the NFL in that category. There’s another Jones right behind him though — and the number of people who thought Detroit’s Marvin Jones would be on pace for almost 2,000 receiving yards at this point in the season numbers approximately zero.

And while it’s hardly a surprise that Greg Olsen of the Panthers and Jordan Reed of the Washington Redskins are among the fantasy leaders at tight end, if you thought Kyle Rudolph of the Minnesota Vikings would join them you should probably play the lottery.

With that in mind, join Fantasy Sharks Staff Writers Gary Davenport, Todd Latzke and Walton Spurlin Thursday, October 6 at 7 PM ET as they break down Week 5 of the NFL season.

You never know what they might know.

Come on in — the water’s FINE!

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