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FANTASY SHARKS RADIO: Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy – The Prodigal Sons Return

It’s been a few weeks since the gang at the Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy gathered to do a show. Stuff happens, so they say. There were personal matters that needed attending to and all that. And besides — it’s not like early June is really an “impact” month where fantasy football is concerned.

But those are coming — soon.

Mandatory OTAs have fired up across the NFL. News feeds are heating up. There’s even been the requisite way-too-early soul-crushing injury that leaves dynasty fantasy owners screaming at the television. In other words, it’s almost time. Fantasy Draft Season is almost here.

As June moves into July more and more fantasy owners will begin preparing for 2016 in earnest. Fantasy magazines will hit newsstands. Cheatsheets will be compiled. Sleepers will be awakened to the point where they cease to sleepers. Busts will be busted on until they actually become sleepers. In a word, things are about to get crazy.

And that means it’s time to get back after it. Because if there’s one thing the Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy gang knows — it’s crazy.

And so they have gathered. Fantasy Sharks Staff Writers Gary Davenport, Todd Latzke and Walton Spurlin — a triple-threat tag team of fake football tyrannosaurs. Or the Three Stooges of fantasy football. Whatever.

They’ve gathered to offer up some information on the upcoming Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy Listener League. To discuss the latest injury news and player updates across the NFL. To preview the meat of their season — the strategy, sleeper and ratings shows that will occupy the rest of the summer.

In other words, they’ve gathered to get back to work.

So join the gang on Thursday, June 23 at 7 PM Eastern for some fantasy football talk.

Come on in — the water’s FINE.

Call-In Number (347) 826-9620



About Gary Davenport

A member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and Pro Football Writers of America who resides in Columbus, Ohio, Gary has been featured on a number of fantasy websites and in nationally circulated publications. These publications include the USA Today Fantasy Football Preview and the magazines distributed by Fantasy Sports Publications Inc., for whom Gary is a both a contributing author and associate editor. Gary is an nine-time FSWA Award finalist and three-time winner who has been a finalist for that organization's Fantasy Football Writer of the Year award each of the last four years. He won the honor in 2017 and 2019. Gary also appears regularly on Sirius XM Radio (including live from Radio Row at Super Bowl XLIX) and over-the-air stations across the country. Gary was one of the co-founders of, and Head Writer at, Fantasy Football Oasis before joining Fantasy Sharks as an IDP Senior Staff Writer in 2011. He knows football. Or so he's heard.