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BUY LOW: Stefon Diggs, Minnesota (Owned in 96.1 percent of leagues)

I’m a huge believer in Stefon Diggs and even though he has had some unimpressive stat lines these past weeks, his time is coming. He is going to be going up against a lot of great matchups in secondaries in the coming weeks and you want to be the one holding him when that happens. Trade someone (like Davante Adams) for him and you’ll be great for the last leg of the season.

SELL HIGH: Davante Adams, Green Bay (Owned in 92.3 percent of leagues)

In Baltimore’s shut out of Green Bay, Adams managed to go for 126 yards. That is highly unlikely to happen again under Brett Hundley. Unload him ASAP now that he has had a big game to someone who is in dire need of a wide receiver. Get whatever you can in return.


BUY LOW: Ricky Seals-Jones, Arizona (Owned in 0 percent of leagues)

It can’t get any lower than this for this Buy-low. While I am sure he is going to be a big waiver wire target this week, I think you should go for him. With Gabbert starting for the Cardinals, he is going to be throwing to people he is comfortable with and Seals-Jones seems to be his guy. Three receptions for two scores was nice. He’s a red zone threat that you should get on your team. Be warned though, if Gabbert loses the job he falls quickly back into obscurity.

SELL HIGH: Delanie Walker, Tennessee (Owned in 91 percent of leagues)

It’s not often I like to eat my words, but I think I’m going to have to on Delanie Walker. Walker has yet to catch a touchdown this season and I simply can’t afford to endorse him anymore. There is bound to be a tight end needy owner in your league that you can ship Walker off to before the trade deadline so do it. You can find a better week-to-week filler if you are getting something more valuable in the QB/RB/WR areas.


BUY LOW: David Irving, Dallas (Owned in 43 percent of leagues)

Irving may have been unimpressive in the game against Philly, but that may be the selling point that may allow you to get this guy low from someone else if he is unowned. If you take away Sunday’s miserable game, Irving has 14 tackles & five sacks in four games. That is an average of four tackles & one sack per game. Those are great numbers for a Defensive Lineman. Grab him and start him for the rest of the year, or especially as long as Sean Lee is out.

SELL HIGH: Sean Lee, Dallas (Owned in 44.8 percent of leagues)

Kills me for this one because Sean Lee might be my favorite IDP in the game due to his elite talent, but he is just too injury prone and at this point in the season you can’t take those risks. He is close to being back on the field so you should be able to sell him without any problems but you need to get consistency to make a playoff push.

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