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Deshaun Watson, Houston (Owned in 97 percent of leagues)

Watson has had two of his worst performances of his short career facing New England and Tennessee, but I am not of the mindset to give up on him just yet. He is operating in an offense that has one of the best wide receivers in the league, a young running back who will be great when healthy, and an up-and-down defense that can hold opponents sometimes. I would be more then happy to take him off a frustrated owner’s hands and enjoy the eventual turn around he will have.


David Johnson, Arizona (Owned in 100 percent of leagues)

If there is any team in the NFL that is 2019 first overall draft pick material, it’s Arizona. Arizona has six points for the season. Now yeah that’s only two games, but only six points. That’s averaging one field goal every game, and this last game Arizona was shut out. Now this is troublesome, considering the fact that Arizona has one of the best running backs in the league on the team, but just haven’t figured out how to get him going. Maybe it’s Sam Bradford’s fault? Maybe it’s the new coaching fault? Wherever the blame is, I can’t see Josh Rosen being the factor that transforms the team and if I spend a high draft pick on a guy like Johnson, I need results. So sell him while you still can.

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