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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real-world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometimes can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!



Carson Wentz, Philadelphia (Owned in 85 percent of leagues)

Philadelphia stinks. And no that’s not just the Dallas fan in me. Its defense is atrocious, and the offensive line has been getting injuries which allow for no winnable offense to operate in. BUT from a fantasy perspective, that presents us an interesting opportunity. Wentz is likely to be in a shootout fashion more than not, which is going to lead to a lot of garbage time yards and even some Hail Mary touchdowns. Wentz has the potential to lead your team with solid points, if this trend continues. He may not come cheap, but I think that if the season continues as such, he may be worth a little extra to trade for him.


Russell Wilson, Seattle (Owned in 100 percent of leagues) 

On the flip side of this, Russell Wilson and Seattle have been on fire and show no signs of stopping, but I still refuse to believe that this will be the new norm. Throughout the first two weeks, Wilson has basically doubled his projected points each week. Never in the history of fantasy football, has a player done that for all 16 weeks, so a drop off is likely coming. If I were a Wilson owner and there was a king’s ransom to be had for a team that desperately needed a quarterback, I would move him as quick as I could and try to roll with a lesser quarterback if it meant upgrading all other aspects of my team.



J.K. Dobbins, Baltimore (Owned in 91 percent of leagues)

Dobbins only saw two carries this week, which was pretty pathetic, but I am holding fast that by the end of the season, Dobbins is going to be the running back that you are going to want to own in Baltimore. I chalk this week up to not really needing him. Baltimore was humiliating Houston all day that it didn’t really need to unleash Dobbins or take any chances, but we could be in for a real test next week when Baltimore faces Kansas City where they will pull out all the stops.


Ronald Jones II, Tampa Bay (Owned in 94 percent of leagues)

I only have Ronald Jones on here because of how high that own percentage is. There are literally STILL a lot of people out there that are hopeful that Jones is going to be some sort of fantasy asset? Leonard Fournette asserted his dominance over the Tampa Bay backfield and there is little reason to suspect that he won’t be the main guy that they call upon. I see Jones and LeSean McCoy as just insurance policies and if I could get a REAL starter by trading them, I would do so in a heartbeat.

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