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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometime can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!



Kirk Cousins, Minnesota (Owned in 94 percent of leagues)

This sell is based purely on the fact that this quarterback couldn’t get it done against Buffalo. I watched parts of this game and Buffalo didn’t win the game, Minnesota lost the game. Cousins lost two fumbles and threw an interception. He also couldn’t get it done last week against Green Bay, whose defense is subpar. If you are going to continuously not produce like an elite quarterback that you were projected to be, I refuse to pay the elite quarterback price. Trade him for another quarterback AND another player that you need.


Adrian Peterson, Washington (Owned in 91 percent of leagues)

I want to start off by saying, I am really happy with the success that Peterson has found in Washington. I always liked him when he was on Minnesota as he helped contribute to my first-ever fantasy football championship, but I want owners to come back down to earth. His two big games have been against Arizona and Green Bay, both who have putrid defenses, AND he didn’t have a big game against Indianapolis, who also has a bad defense. The point is that there is really no true show of his skill against a good defense, and Washington is about to have some in its schedule. I would prefer to move Peterson for someone who puts up a little less numbers consistently BEFORE he can show how old he really is.


Tyler Lockett, Seattle (Owned in 69 percent of leagues)

Lockett has performed very well these past couple of weeks in replacement of Doug Baldwin who has missed the first three games due to a knee injury. Once Baldwin gets to a point where he can play, Lockett’s numbers will drop. The good news for Lockett owners though, is that there is no clear cut timetable for Baldwin to return so you may have time. I just want to give the warning to those that they need to be following Baldwin updates and move Tyler Lockett when it looks like Baldwin will be close to returning.


George Kittle, San Francisco (Owned in 81 percent of leagues)

George Kittle has actually put up pretty good numbers this year so far, but now that Jimmy Garoppolo is officially out for the season with a torn ACL, this is going to be a mystery. With the quarterback situation now looking to be a competition between C.J. Beathard and Tom Savage, I find it hard to trust ANY person who has to catch balls in San Francisco, but Kittle seems to have the most consistency so far. Move Kittle this week for a different tight end.

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