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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometime can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!


BUY LOW: Alex Smith, Kansas City (Owned in 43.5 percent of leagues)

I’ll admit I was wrong about Alex SmithAlex Smith has done everything he could these first three weeks to prove he is a starting NFL quarterback. He threw for more than 150 yards and two touchdowns this week, which if he is your backup quarterback or injury replacement, is pretty damn good. If he is still on your waiver wire or you know an owner doesn’t really want him, try to offer him some low-end running back/wide receiver and maybe you can get yourself a more than serviceable backup.

SELL HIGH: Cam Newton, Carolina (Owned in 100 percent of leagues)

If you are a Cam Newton owner, I can’t imagine your frustration. If there was any defense I would pick for Newton to take apart it would have been New Orleans, who was missing two of its top corners. Instead, he threw three interceptions and could not find adequate completions. To pile on to this bad news, he even lost Kelvin Benjamin. If you can trade him before he declines anymore, get a different quarterback, even if they’re not as flashy as a name as Newton.


BUY LOW: D’Onta Foreman (Owned in 5.1 percent of leagues)

Make no mistake, Lamar Miller still remains the lead back in Houston, but the question is for how long? Miller saw 14 carries against New England, while Foreman surprisingly had eight. He added on two receptions and was able to put up a decent stat line considering he’s the “backup.” If I was a Miller owner, it would obviously be a priority to own him but if he’s on your waiver wire, he could be a sneaky stash to eventually see more of a two-person committee system in which he could put up a solid 10 points every game.

SELL HIGH: Joe Mixon, Cincinnati (Owned in 99.4 percent of leagues)

Let me tell you, this is the week that every Mixon owner was waiting for. He finally starting living up to his hype this week ONLY because Cincinnati was able to exploit the run after Aaron Rodgers threw a pick-6. Cincinnati still possesses one of the worst offensive lines and has two running backs on the roster that at one point were starters. Unless there are some roster changes in both departments, Mixon should not be relied on as a starter and you should sell him for a real starting running back while the iron is hot.


BUY LOW: Devin Funchess, Carolina (Owned in 11.2 percent of leagues)

While Kelvin Benjamin‘s MRI showed no structural damage, his Week 4 availability is in question. While I have Cam Newton on my “Sell High” list, I recognize he is going to have to throw the ball to somebody with Benjamin out. Take a shot on Devin Funchess. Funchess has the skill and speed to put up some numbers with a New England secondary that got burned by both Kansas City and Houston.

SELL HIGH: Brandin Cooks, New England (Owned in 100 percent of leagues)

To be fair, I was at a coin toss on this one between Cooks and Chris Hogan. Both of them had a great game against Houston. The Houston secondary is awful, both short-sighted fantasy owners will be blinded by the numbers of the week. If you want to play the long game and go for the championship, you need to focus on a player that will be reliable, especially in the final stretch. While Cooks and Hogan have the talent, New England is such a wild card on whose getting the ball every game. See if you can trade one of these players for Stefon Diggs.


BUY LOW: Marcedes Lewis, Jacksonville (Owned in 2.2 percent of leagues)

Now, I never usually recommend to pick up a player after ONE good game, but this one is just ridiculous. Bortles threw three touchdowns to this man. How was he not covered better after the first two? It’s not like Allen Robinson was on the field, instead Lewis found ways to shake his coverage and get clear. While he may not be a great permanent starter, I feel very confident to pick him up for Week 4 going against the New York Jets.

SELL HIGH: Benjamin Watson, Baltimore (Owned in 3 percent of leagues)

If you manage to own Watson, you should probably sell now. Baltimore is in such disarray, I’m unsure if I need to move Joe Flacco after that awful performance. Lucky for Watson owners, he at least caught a touchdown in Week 3 so he still offers value, I just have doubts on how much. If you can, trade him for an injured player who you know will come back strong in time for playoffs.


BUY LOW: Joe Schobert, Cleveland (Owned in 0 percent of leagues)

Jamie Collins’ injury opened up a lot of Individual Defensive Player (IDP) tackle opportunities that Schobert is seemingly taking advantage of. Schobert is going to be a great tackle output on a defensive line that is now without both Collins and Myles Garrett. You can expect a bit of a drop once Collins comes back, but that will give you plenty of time to build up a couple of wins in the meantime.

SELL HIGH: T.J. Watt, Pittsburgh (Owned in 0 percent of leagues)

This one is a bit hard for me because I am actually really high on Watt, but I can’t resist the numbers game. Watt had a PHENOMENAL game in Week 1. BUT, it was against Cleveland, so not that hard to do. Then he goes down in Week 2, and is out Week 3. So the sample size we are working with it really Week 1, but that’s all you need for some owner who may be a Pittsburgh homer, or someone who just likes the name Watt. You should be able to up play the value based on that Week 1 performance and get something great in return for him. I happen to be in a dynasty league where the owner of Watt is in possible discussions to trading him for a first-round pick in our league next year. Crazy stuff man.

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