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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometime can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!


BUY LOW: Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo (Owned in 59.3 percent of leagues)

While this isn’t a “low” candidate, this is by far a quarterback that I might give up a good amount to get. Tyrod has definitely done enough for people to trust him as a weekly starter, but the most enticing thing about him is his Fantasy Playoff schedule facing Indy, Miami, and New England; all defenses Tyrod can take advantage of with the pass. While you are probably going to get him cheap, you might be able to trade a quarterback with a big name like Matt Ryan or Ben Roethlisberger for him.

SELL HIGH: Russell Wilson, Seattle (Owned in 97 percent of leagues)

Wilson is doing a great job, but each week when I watch the Seahawks, I find it harder and harder to trust him. It has been apparent that Peter Carroll wants to run the ball which hinders Wilson. Now like my Tyrod Taylor pick, I feel this pick is relevant to say that his Fantasy playoff schedule is awful facing Philly, Jacksonville, and the L.A. Rams. If I could, I would straight up trade Russell Wilson for Tyrod Taylor.


BUY LOW: Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota (Owned in 88 percent of leagues)

For those of you watching the Vikings game this Sunday you will notice that Latavius Murray was obviously the hot hand and ran for a touchdown on 18 carries averaging 6.3 YPC, while McKinnon got a lowly 3.4 YPC. This for short sighted fantasy owners is going to make people think that Murray is the running back to own, but I disagree. While McKinnon didn’t run as well as desired, he was kept alive in the passing game, and I am penciling him in as the better running back next week. If you are a Murray owner, go to the McKinnon owner and swap.

SELL HIGH: Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas (Owned in 99.7 percent of leagues)

This one kills me because as a Cowboys fan, Zeke is probably my favorite player in the NFL, but the price is too good. Ezekiel Elliott had arguably his best game in San Francisco this week so his price couldn’t be higher. You literally can buy the farm with this guy, and now is the time to do it. Elliott’s hearing has been moved to October 30th so he will get to play for sure in Week 8, but beyond that is a mystery. If you are left holding him, then he is virtually worthless for the rest of the year besides weeks 15 & 16, but if he’s cleared of course he’s gold. Fact remains, if you have other running backs, you could move him for A LOT.


BUY LOW: Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers (Owned in 97.5 percent of leagues)

There’s no way to sugarcoat it, Allen has been struggling the past few weeks but if there is anyway he can bounce back and redeem himself it is going to be this week against the Patriots. People are going to be more inclined to trade him due to his poor performance and the fact he has a bye on Week 9. Give up someone like T.Y. Hilton.

SELL HIGH: Amari Cooper, Oakland (Owned in 96 percent of leagues)

If you’re an Amari Cooper owner who has been religiously playing him every week saying, “one week it’ll pay off” CONGRATS! You did it, you finally got some use out of him. NOW TRADE HIM. This is not going to be normal, and you can trade him high now.


BUY LOW: Delanie Walker, Tennessee (Owned in 96.2 percent of leagues)

Delanie Walker is currently dealing with a bone bruise in his leg as they head into a bye week, but he is expected back in Week 9 against the Ravens. When Walker is healthy, he is easily the best receiving option on the Titans and with Mariota back, that is something you don’t want to miss out on. Find the team that owns him, because he probably needs a tight end this week and offer yours. You can get by with a one week replacement in Ryan Griffin or Jared Cook.

SELL HIGH: O.J. Howard, Tampa Bay (Owned in 9.2 percent of leagues)

Obviously a lot of people are not owning Howard at the moment, but you can bet that when the waiver wire opens, he is going to be a top target. Don’t be one of those guys. While he had a great game, finally showing why he was a first round draft choice, Tampa Bay simply has a lot of targets to throw to and he can’t be counted on as a weekly starter, especially with Brate there. If you have him, sell him for Delanie Walker.


BUY LOW: Jourdan Lewis, Dallas (Owned in 0 percent of leagues)

Lewis has had an impressive rookie season and I am shocked he isn’t owned in more leagues. Now he is a corner back, which a lot of leagues don’t require to start, but he’s a great bye week replacement at defensive back. In the next few weeks, he will have some great opportunities for interceptions against Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith — get him while you can.

SELL HIGH: Kendell Beckwith, Tampa Bay (Owned in 22.6 percent of leagues)

Beckwith was a great start in the weeks that Lavonte David was out, but David is back now and you can clearly see that with Beckwith’s declining numbers. And now that Kwon Alexander is back, Beckwith’s value has fallen even lower. Trade him this week while his point average is still high, because his value is going to drop each week.

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