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In a fantasy football league, the most valuable asset is the team owner’s ability to know when to buy players who are on the cusp of breaking out and knowing when to cut loose a player who is about to go into decline. Much like the real world stock market, making the wrong decisions sometimes can lead to cataclysmic consequences. If you are in a league where you can unload or load up on some of these players, do so!


BUY LOW: Eli Manning, New York Giants (Owned in 34.1 percent of leagues)

Eli Manning is not good, it’s simply true for this season. BUT.. as it stands, there are a lot of teams on bye this week and some teams are going to be needing a bye week replacement and Manning fits the bill. He is coming off a bye with hopefully a healthy Sterling Shepard against the god awful San Francisco 49ers. If there was ever a week to start him, it’s this week and you should be able to get him for next to nothing.

SELL HIGH: Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay (Owned in 86.4 percent of leagues)

If there was anything you learned from the game in Week 8, it’s that Winston’s shoulder is not fully healed and he had no business being out there. He not only didn’t get a touchdown, but threw two interceptions as well. Winston carries with him promise of potential big points down the stretch, but I honestly don’t think he is going to rebound this season. If you have him, move him to a quarterback-needy team for a position you need filled.


BUY LOW: Jay Ajayi, Philadelphia (Owned in 99.3 percent of leagues)

This week saw another pathetic outing for Ajayi (and pretty much the whole Miami offense) carrying for 23 yards and receiving for 18 yards, so they shipped him off to Philadelphia. It is possible that the Ajayi owner is still disillusioned and leery of a timeshare. It may not take much to pry him away.

SELL HIGH: Isaiah Crowell, Cleveland (Owned in 82.2 percent of leagues)

For the owners who drafted him and waited for a big game, there it was. They finally got it and now they can unload him. Poor run blocking has cost him and Duke Johnson plenty of potential points in rushing yards and it’s not going to get any easier with Joe Thomas out. While it might be hard to sell him while he’s on a bye this week, maybe you could trade him for an injured player who will come back in the next few weeks? Or anything really. I’d take a third-round pick in my dynasty league if I had him.


BUY LOW: Stefon Diggs, Minnesota (Owned in 96.1 percent of leagues)

Diggs hasn’t had a great stat line since Week 4, and while I do realize that he was injured for most of the time, this past week with four catches for 27 yards was disappointing. Of course, then I realized it was with Case Keenum as his quarterback. I will be more than happy to pay a little more than his value for him now, so that when Sam Bradford or heck even Teddy Bridgewater is healthy, to have his elite skill set in my playoff weeks. Trade for him now while you can.

SELL HIGH: Alshon Jeffery, Philadelphia (Owned in 97.6 percent of leagues)

If you had to pick out an inconsistent Philadelphia player, this is the one. Those who have followed my posts know that I warned against drafting Philadelphia receivers because of the abundant number of mouths to feed and Jeffery is a clear example of that phenomenon. Luckily, this week Jeffery put up some awesome numbers so if you are a smart manager (and I assume you are since you are reading my posts) trade him while he’s hot and get a more consistent receiver.

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