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HAFAX (Hire and Fire Association eXperts) started back mid-summer, when Tony Holm accepted an invitation on behalf of to participate in an expert league with a unique twist – each team was to be run by a team itself. Tony saw this as an opportunity to involve members and was flooded with applicants when he opened it up on the forums. I was lucky enough to be selected to steer the offense as the Offensive Coordinator, Greg Allen is the Special Teams Coordinator, and the Defensive Coordinator is Doug Gaskell. Tony Holm, Doug Coutts and Mike Rumsey, Sharks all, rounded out the team management.

The players were selected via auction, and if you have been following along you know that we spent big on a few players, went with a tight budget defense, and well, it worked.

As I said, teams were made up of the fantasy football internet community’s best and brightest. Fantasy Asylum. MockDrafts. Sandlot Shrink. And many other familiar names. Sixteen teams in all. And we won our division! Not only that, but we enter the playoffs as the second seed in our eight team conference! You all can be proud, but really, our work is just beginning. Every week could be the last, and our first game is a tough one, we face the team we battled with for our division title, the guys from Fantasy Draftware.

I like the chances for our guys, led by Marshall Faulk, who returned just in time for us. Fred Taylor’s health has been a pleasant surprise too. Trent Green at QB has been spectacular at times, and consistently solid, and depth at WR has made up for the lack of a clear-cut star, since Donald Driver has been a disappointment.

Perhaps the most fun all season has been the consistent play of our defense. Mike Barrow of the Giants has been huge for us, he is a tackling machine. Grabbing Ken Hamlin of Seattle off the waiver wire was a great move too. We were questioned at length when we implimented our defensive strategy, but our no-name defense put up solid numbers, and our extra cap space allowed for plenty of extra offense. All in all it has been a great season, and great fun too. I am looking forward to the playoffs.

So come join the party, just follow the link on the front page to the HAFAX site, and check out how we are doing! Let us know what you think.  The team is the site’s, and you are a part of it as well!

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