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60 teams slogged it out this season here at, compliments of us and in a five league, twelve team showcase format.  Special thanks to Mike Hall, Kevin and the rest of the folks over at for allowing us to provide these leagues for free.  It just underscores what I’ve been saying all along about, they’re stand up guys, we know it, and I hope you get the opportunity to discover this for yourself.  More on that a little later.


For those unaware, you’ll notice to your left a section in our menus titled “Showcase Leagues” which are links to the leagues themselves.  Within our very active message board we have six forums to support the leagues where each owner discusses strategy.  We draft early in the year (and will again this coming season) with five different analysis on every player from five different league members.  Next season we’ll do a better job of getting that information out onto our front page in July to help you prepare for your draft.


The leagues are structured so that there are nine members, two staff and our automated fantasy football player, the Coach ™ tools in each league.  This season I’m pleased to announce the following league champions:


Great White Shark League – Budman.

Tiger Shark League – Phyrre56.

Blue Shark League – abelcl.

Hammerhead Shark League – Coach.

Mako Shark League – Paper Tigers


Congratulations to all our winners, your Prize Package is on the way.  These five teams move on to a two week total points contest where the winner is crowned the Showcase Leagues Champion! 


One thing I’m particularly proud of is that we here at FantasySharks laid down the gauntlet and responded.  You won’t find many (if any?) sites willing to drop their reputation in a bucket and duke it out head-2-head like we do.  We’re of the opinion that if you want respect, you have to earn it and it’s not enough to just post a website.  We feel we need to demonstrate on a daily basis that we know what we’re doing here and what better way than to take on the public in what matters the most?  A real league.  FantasySharks almost ran the table this year against 45 members.  Almost..


Percentage wise we have 25% representation in each league with our 2 staffers and our one of a kind Fantasy Football Bot.  We were 2 losses away from coming away with 3 of the 5 playoff spots as I lost to Budman in the championship game in the Great White Shark League and Doug Coutts lost his championship game against Phyrre56.  Greg Allen also made the playoffs in the Blue Shark League but was eliminated in the semi-finals round.  Greg wins his two and Doug and I win our championship game and the Sharks walk away with 4 out of the 5 with only 25% representation in each league.  Soooo close!   We’ll get you next year! 


But all is not lost.  Our computerized Fantasy Sharks Coach won its league, much to the disgust of the other Hammerhead owners.  Losing to a machine?  Well, yes, that’s exactly what happened.  We have work to do still to make the machine better next season, and it will be a lot better, but a league championship against 11 humans proved to us that we’re on the right track.  Watch out world!  Our army of Fantasy Football robots are about to take over!  <Insert evil laughter here>.


These leagues are rather unique in that they’re within a league themselves.  The Great White Shark League is the pinnacle of Fantasy Football.  All the champions you see above will be put in the Great White League next season.  I’ll scour the remaining leagues for total point winners that maybe didn’t make it out as champion and other criteria to put together the top nine owners across all our leagues.  I’ll then put them together in the top showcase league in existence.  Why is it the top?  Because each season we will only have demonstrated winners in this hobby represented and the Great White Shark League will be the best of the very best.  I think we all know you don’t have to own a website or a publishing business to be good at this game.  To continue to put our “proof is in the pudding” philosophy forward, myself and another staffer will be taking these best players on head-2-head each season to continue to prove that these FantasySharks guys actually may know what they’re talking about, as strange as that may sound.


We’ll be reshuffling the leagues each year as the folks that can’t handle Great White will be knocked down and left to try to claw their way back up.  Each season we’ll also be saying goodbye to the bottom nine players and open up slots for nine new players to try and work their way up the ranks to reach the Great White league.  Some of you will never make it and I have a feeling, some of you will put your mark on this game.  Look for sign-ups for the nine complimentary slots on this site around June of 2004.  We’ll also be opening more leagues and expanding upon this concept for a nominal fee.  When I say nominal I mean nominal, the price hasn’t been set but something like $8.95 for a season of football and a chance to make it to the top as you work your way up through the ranks in our leagues.  If you’re good enough, we’ll pick up the tab and you’ll be playing for free.  We unfortunately have to charge for participation in leagues 6 through ? because I doubt is that charitable and the cost for 100 leagues adds up fast.  You might be surprised at how much it costs to keep a very active site like this open for business and picking up the tab for 100 leagues just isn’t in the budget as much as we’d like it to be.  If you’re an independently wealthy individual and would like to pick up the tab for these leagues, please, please, please email me!


The top 5 leagues will be completely free for the 45 members that are good enough to keep their rank and it takes years (as you can only bump down one league at a time each season) to work your way out of the Showcase leagues once you’ve reached a level of greatness.  For example, our champions this year would have to have 5 consecutive years of poor performances before they had to give their seat up to a more deserving player.  That’s a lot of free fantasy football against some solid opponents and a chance to match up against the very best.


We’re excited about this concept and can’t wait for the 2004 season to start.  Watch for signups for next season on this site beginning soon.  We’ll pick at random nine of the people who sign up to join us in the Showcase Leagues and start you off in our qualifier or incubation league.  If you do well there, up the ranks you go.  Hope to see you at the top!

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