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FantasySharks Interactive Stats Tool – Now Available! is proud to announce our new interactive statistic tool!

Do you use player statistics from previous years when making decisions for this year? And we don’t mean just a table of data, but a sortable table of stats with your own fantasy scoring system applied! Wouldn’t it be nice if you can combine multiple positions on the same table? And how about looking at the stats of a specific week, not just the totals from last season, wouldn’t you like to see those statistics also? What about the top 50 single week fantasy point scores from last year? Who scored the most fantasy points during the fantasy playoff season?

If you answered yes to any of these, we have a tool for you! Check it out at: FantasySharks Stats Tool

Our new Statistic tool allows you to see the statistics from last season and 2001 and will be updated with the 2003 stats as the weeks progress.  Once displayed, you can sort the data by any of the columns (including your fantasy scoring points).  If you have a certain view you like, you can bookmark it and come back later. The sorting and options are saved in the URL.

If you have a fantasy scoring system defined, the fantasy points column will reflect your personal scoring system! Otherwise, we use our fantasysharks scoring system to calculate the fantasy points.

Let’s review your options:

  • Season: Choose the season you want to see the stats for.
  • Team: Select a team to see just the players that currently play for that team.
  • Position: Choose one of the following to display those positions:
  • Week: Choose one of the following other choices:
  • Week xx: Display the stats for week of xx.
  • Reg Season Totals: totals of stats for weeks 1 through 17.
  • Playoff Totals: totals of stats for the NFL playoffs.
  • Fantasy Season Totals: totals of stats for weeks 1 through 13.
  • Fantasy Playoff Totals: totals of stats for fantasy playoff weeks of 14,15,16.
  • Reg Season (Individual weeks): displays each week for each player.(no totals)

Some examples:
Click here to see the top 10 players with 100 yard games
Click here to see the top 20 player scores for a single week

If you want to control the number of players you see, use the Starting at X Display the next _Y Rows.  (Y is the number of rows, X is the number before the displayed list).

ex. 0,50 displays 1 through 50.
50,50 displays 51 through 100.
1,50 will display 2 through 51 (probably not what you wanted)

Additional Notes you should be aware of:

  • Defensive and Kicker stats are currently not available.
  • 2002 and 2001 stats are now loaded.  We may have more previous season stats coming.
  • The 2003 statistics will also be available during the year.
  • The player’s team is their current team, not the team they were on during the season displayed. We are working on correcting this.

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