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FantasySharks Leagues a Reality!

Wow, we expected a great response to the FantasySharks Leagues we formed, but it has been outstanding.  I am pleased to announce that while some sites try to involve members, we set the standard!  45 members will now have the opportunity to compete head-to-head with the likes of Rob Schare, Joao Serrano, and of course, Pat Smith, er, I meant Tony Holm!  And the rest of the guys! 


And no “in this format” complaints either!   These leagues are designed to best reflect YOUR leagues, 12 team H2H performance-based scoring redrafts, with divisions, waivers and playoffs, everything short of trading!   See the forums and the individual websites (all linked in the forums) for the details on how they work, as we put much thought into making them as realistic as possible!  So whether you are watching or participating, there is something in it for you to learn, and become a better player, and isn’t that what it is really all about?!


If you missed the cut, don’t fret.  Projects are in the works to get you all involved more in everything we do here at!  And you can follow along with this one starting with the drafts.  All 5 leagues, being handled by the premier league management guys,, are linked in the forums set up just for that purpose.  And as each pick is made, each owner will post it, defend it, and hopefully prompt some great discussion on it as well!


Drafts start Monday, July 21, 2003 at 9:00 am EST, so be sure to check back then and follow the draft either right on each league site, or on the forums!


Oh, and pay close attention to the team picked by the FantasySharks Draft Coach™ in each league.  I’ve drafted against it, and had the pleasure of previewing it recently, and I have to tell you, I am very impressed.


So to all the participants – Good Luck! And to all the rest, enjoy the show!


And don’t forget, week 16-17 it turns into a free-for-all for bragging rights!  Will the Sharks hold off the shark hunters?  Or is somebody taking home the first Brody Trophy?  And watch for prizes announced along the way!  This is gonna be great!


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