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FantasySharks on The Speeding Bullet Network

This week, Ed Berliner and Doug Coutts touched upon a number of timely subjects.  Check out the website at

As usual, we also talked about our weekly 

Running Back Roulette that is going on, meaning, we hope that you’re not in a position where you need to consider these players and/or teams, but..

Running Back Roulette


Willie Parker is done for the season, no problem, enter
Najeh Davenport.  Stepping in for the injured Parker, Davenport went for 123 yards and a TD last week.


Kenny Watson took the ball and ran with it last week, literally.  To the tune of 130 yards and a TD.  With Miami on the schedule this week, we look for those numbers and then some. 


Too bad for Justin Fargas, he was having a breakout fantasy year. 
Dominic Rhodes is (finally) back, and with 115 yards last week, looks like he’s making a late case to be kept around next year, when he hopefully won’t be suspended for the first four games of the season. 


No Willis McGahee, no problem. 
Musa Smith, another backup that has been patiently waiting for a chance, excelled last week, and should carry the load this final week of the season. 


The Texans continue to dig deep into their depth chart, currently on top is
Darius Walker.  100+ yards last week, he should be the man in Houston’s final game. 

Sneaky Starts This Week…

Here are a few guys that you normally wouldn’t think of starting, but given that many studs around the league aren’t playing, could help you in the final week of the season.

RB TJ Duckett, Detroit

Duckett seems to have the starting job, and he lit the lamp for 102 yards and a TD last week.  The Lions are up against a tough Green Bay team, but the Packers have nothing to play for.  Look for Duckett to get 100 total yards and a TD this week as well.

WR Jabar Gaffney, New England

At some point during this game, after Randy Moss has his record setting TD catch, he’ll spend some time on the sideline.  Gaffney will be the man when that happens, and even before that happens, the Giants will be covering Moss with two and three guys so we look for Gaffney to have 100+ and a TD this week before the final gun sounds.

WR James Jones, Green Bay

Touchdown machine Greg Jennings is dinged up, not practicing this week, with the Packers having nothing to gain/lose, look for Jennings to spend some quality time on the sideline while the rookie gets a chance to ply his wares.

RB Vernand Morency, Green Bay

As with Jennings, look for Ryan Grant to also get a little rest, this should open the door for Morency to excel.  He’s been the third down guy already, so look for 100+ total yards and TD from Morency. 

WR Santana Moss, Washington

Remember this guy?  Just in time for the end of the season he is healthy and playing well.  70 yards in the last two weeks in a row, plus a touchdown last week, Moss should be a fine play this week for a Redskins team that needs to win. 

Hot Players to Stay Hot…

QB Kurt Warner, Arizona

No one has been hotter than Warner over the second half of the season.  300+ yards and 3TDs in each of the last three games, look for that to continue this week against his former team, the St.Louis Rams.

QB Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia

Now he wants to stay in Philly?  I’m not so sure, perhaps a preemptive strike to keep the boo birds away this final week of the season.  263 yards and 3TD (zero interceptions) last week, McNabb is healthy and playing well.

RB Clinton Portis, Washington

The Redskins need a win to get into the playoffs, and their offense is hot right now.  Portis has scored in each of the last two games, look for that to continue this week.

RB Frank Gore, San Francisco

Just when fantasy owners had given up on Gore, he goes wild.  100+ total yards in each of the last three weeks, the Niners need him to move the ball so look for these numbers to continue in the regular season finale.

RB Adrian Peterson, Chicago

I may be standing alone regarding the Chicago Peterson, but right now he’s the only thing working for the Bears offense.  Just by sheer volume, I see another 100+ total yards and a TD from him this week.  Yes, the Saints need to win, but they give up a lot of yards to opposing running games, and the Bears are actually running the ball very well right now. 

WR Steve Smith, Carolina

We’ve spent plenty of time bashing Smith in this space, last week we predicted a good game from him and he didn’t disappoint, 137 yards and a TD.  The Panthers would like to end the season on a high note, so look for Smith’s excellence to continue.

WR Anquan Boldin, Arizona

The Cardinals passing game is going wild, and Boldin is back and healthy.  This will continue in this week’s fantasy matchup of the week.

Hot Players to Cool…

QB Tavaris Jackson, Minnesota

Don’t be fooled by the totality of his fantasy numbers last week.  His passing numbers were as usual (low), but he scored twice to give his total numbers a boost.  Jackson won’t be a fantasy top 5 again this week.

QB Peyton Manning and WR Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis

With absolutely nothing to gain, look for the Colts to rest all their starters for at least 3 quarters. 

QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh

Big Ben is hurting so look for the Steelers to rest their signal caller. 

New England at New York Giants

Simply put, avoid this game if you can.  No matter what they say, the Patriots aren’t going to risk losing
QB Tom Brady.  Once he and
WR Randy Moss get their records, I don’t see them on the field.  Look for a half worth of stats from them, but if a half from them is better than whatever else you have to choose from, then you’ll have to go for it.  Look for the kid glove treatment on RB Laurence Maroney to continue, but you may consider
RB Kevin Faulk as a start as he could surprise with 100 total yards of offense.  On the other side, maybe
RB Ahmad Bradshaw filling in for Brandon Jacobs. 

St.Louis at Arizona

Fantasy game of the week!!  Both teams with nothing to play for, both offenses clicking, and defenses incapable of stopping an opposing offense! Giddyup! 
QB Kurt Warner is hot,
WR Anquan Boldin is back and healthy, start these guys without question. 
QB Marc Bulger, RB Stephen Jackson, and even
WR Torry Holt are must plays (Holt has been missing some practice time, but he’ll play). 

San Francisco at Cleveland

The Browns need a win to get into the playoffs so they’ll be playing hard.  The Niners are playing hard so that the Patriots first round draft pick won’t be as good.  Not a great fantasy game here, but above average. 
QB Derek Anderson and RB Jamal Lewis are starts, I’d even say
WR Braylon Edwards (2TD last week) is worth a start, too. 
RB Frank Gore is having a late season surge, and even
QB Shaun Hill hasn’t done anything to lose games (3TD last week).  There’s even been a
WR Darrell Jackson sighting (remember him??).

Tennessee at Indianapolis

We close out the regular season at the defending Super Bowl Champions.  Unfortunately, the Colts have absolutely nothing to play for, and they’ve shown in the past that they will lie down rather than risk injury.  They may even go to RB3 on the depth chart,
Clifton Dawson, in order to keep both RBs Joseph Addai and Kenton Keith healthy.  The Titans have everything to play for, but for the fantasy player, that means
RB LenDale White, despite the fact that he is losing carries to Chris Brown.  As always,
QB Vince Young not worth considering as a fantasy starter.  The best play in this game might be
PK Rob Bironas. 

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