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Fantasysharks on The Speeding Bullet Network

This week, Ed Berliner and Doug Coutts touched upon a number of timely subjects.  Check out the website at

We talked about the 2007 All-Waiver Wire Fantasy Team, led by quarterback Derek Anderson of Cleveland.  The full team has its own article here.

We also talked about some of the

Running Back Roulette that is going on, meaning, we hope that you’re not in a position where you need to consider these players and/or teams…


Cedric Benson is done for the season, opening the door for the other

Adrian Peterson to step into the starting role full time.  This is tremendous for his owners as I believe that Peterson will flourish outside the RBBC.  I would expect 75+ and a TD at minimum each week out of Peterson.  Garrett Wolfe moves up the depth chart, but Peterson should get 85% or more of the action out of the Bears backfield. 



Ricky Williams.  After sitting out over a year and finally being reinstated, he came into a situation in Miami where he was the starter in a Monday night prime time matchup..a perfect opportunity to excel, and like many, I believed that he would.  Unfortunately for him, five carries into the night he was stomped on by a 350+ pound man, separating his shoulder, ending his season.  Jesse Chatman, already dinged, got hurt in this game, too.  The Dolphins can do no right this year.  Patrick Cobbs will be the starter, but I wouldn’t expect more than 50 or so yards per week out of the Miami starting RB. 


Andre Hall is the hot hand right now, 98 yards and a TD last week so that should continue until further notice (ie. until he fumbles, misses a block, or otherwise angers Mike Shanahan).  Selvin Young is waiting in the wings should Hall falter.  The starting RB in Denver is worth a fantasy start, if you can determine who it will be.   


I would avoid all Buffalo fantasy players.  The Bills are down to

Dwayne Wright and

Fred Jackson splitting carries this week.  Ouch!  Anthony Thomas is out, Marshawn Lynch is likely out again this week.  Only a healthy Lynch is worth a fantasy start out of Buffalo, no matter who the opponent. 

New York Giants

The Giants continue to have trouble keeping a RB healthy.  Will

Derrick Ward be back this week or will it continue to be

Rueben Droughns.  Sounds like Brandon Jacobs won’t be playing this week.  Even if Ward is back and healthy, I see the Giants easing him back into action, so a split between he and Droughns would be likely in Jacobs’ absence. 

New England

Laurence Maroney continues to get the kid gloves treatment from Bill Belichick, so you can’t start him.  Kevin Faulk and Heath Evans are not consistent enough to be trusted as fantasy starters.  Continue to avoid the Patriot RBs unless you are desperate. 

Some “Ho-Hum” News…

Philadelphia QB

Wow, did

AJ Feely have a tremendous game last week!  He should come down to earth, but his performance has put the Eagles in a quandary.  It is becoming clear that they don’t want Donovan McNabb to be the starter in 2008.  Feely’s performance should keep him as the starter until he falters, possibly long enough to convince the Eagles that he can be the starter in 2008?  Rookie Kevin Kolb is waiting for his shot, and should Feely stub his toe, he could see some action, especially if Philadelphia drops out of playoff contention. 

Kansas City Kicker

This shouldn’t affect anyone, but 43 year old

John Carney will be replacing Dave Rayner as the Chiefs kicker.  He’s not worth owning, but I never pass up an opportunity to mention a 40+ year old player making a comeback. 

Hot Players to Stay Hot…

QB Brett Favre, Green Bay

Simply put, the beat goes on, 381 yards and 3 TD last week, should be an offensive showcase against Dallas this week (where he hasn’t won so the incentive is there to go along with possible home field in playoffs).

RB Justin Fargas, Oakland

He has solidified the starting job as his, 139 and a TD last week, he is a RB2 starter right now.  Broncos generous to the run so good matchup this week, too.

WR Wes Welker, New England

On a team with Randy Moss and Donte Stallworth, he avoids the double coverage and makes teams pay when focus on those guys.  13-149 last week, he is a good WR3 or flex starter.

RB Kolby Smith, Kansas City

What a coming out party for the rookie last week as the starter.  I thought he’d do well, those that had to start his were rewarded with a 150 yard and 2 TD effort.  Chargers generous to the run this week, Chiefs like to run the ball, so 100 and a TD or so every week is not out of the question every week for Smith. 

QB Kurt Warner, Arizona

Fantasy players don’t care how the game ended, just about stats, and Warner had plenty last week.  484-2 TD, wow.  Browns allow yards thru the air so 300+ and 3 TD or more not out of the question this week.

Hot Players to Cool…

RB Marion Barber, Dallas

I’m not liking the Cowboys on the ground this week.  Sure, Barber had 103 yards and a TD last week, but GB tough to run on and Julius Jones is still in the mix taking away some carries. 

PHI Passing 

We mentioned AJ Feely above, what an effort last week.  345 yards and 3TD thru the air won’t be repeated, Greg Lewis 2 TD last week to slow down.  But, if you’re hurting, Feely could provide around 200-250 yards and a TD or two while the starter.

RB Anthony Thomas, Buffalo

Tough going on the ground, but 8 recs and 90+ total yards, however, he got hurt and it sounds like he’s out this week.

Cold Players to Stay Cold…

WR Steve Smith, Carolina

The weekly mention of Steve Smith in this space.  Vinnie T to start this week gives a glimmer of hope, but it’s becoming a lost season.

RB Maurice Morris, Seattle

Surprisingly, hasn’t impressed with Alexander out.  I don’t think Alexander will be back this week, but Philly tough to run on so Morris isn’t worth being in your starting lineup. 

RB Thomas Jones, Jets

Another of the weekly mentions in this space.  Simply a lost season, Jets offense struggling, Miami will be looking at their best chance to win this week so Jones should continue to be on your bench.

RB Reggie Bush, New Orleans 

He’s still dinged up and Tampa Bay is very tough to run on so avoid Bush this week if you have other options. 

Dallas v Green Bay

NFC showdown for home field in playoffs.  Should be an offensive showcase, mostly thru the air as both teams look to score early and often.  Start them all if you’ve got them:  Favre, Ryan Grant, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Donald Lee, Mason Crosby.  Grant may not have the yards on the ground, but he will get enough air/ground combine to be worth a starting spot.  Romo, Barber (maybe, if you’re hurting at the position), Owens, Patrick Crayton (still starting in place of injured Terry Glenn), Jason Witten, Nick Folk. 

New England v Baltimore

Look for the Pats to close up the passing loop holes that Philly exposed last week so Baltimore passing game won’t repeat last week’s Eagles performance.  Play your usual players…Brady, Moss, Stallworth, Welker

Avoid the NE RB situation as discussed above.  On the Ravens side, McGahee still a start, Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton if you must, Kyle Boller no. 

Kickers not a good play either (Gostkowski, Stover), Pats hardly kick FGs and Ravens will need to try to keep up with NE scoring. 

Buffalo v Washington

Many have emailed me about the fantasy impact of this game.  Let me first say, my thoughts and prayers to Sean Taylor, his family, and everyone that knew him.  What happened obviously transcends the fantasy world, and is way more important than what we’re doing here.  Without question.  That said, many have asked and Ed and I did briefly touch upon the game.  My statement is this:  play the players you normally would have played.  Avoid all Bills, Lee Evans not worth a start, RB situation too cloudy, just a bad offensive team from a fantasy standpoint.  Play the Redskins that you normally would have.  Portis, Santana Moss, Chris Cooley and even Jason Campbell start if they are your guys. 


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