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Favre from Over

     Who really believed Brett Favre’s retirement speech on March 3rd, 2008?

  Apparently, Brett did not believe it either, as we have ALL seen in the news over the last few weeks.

  Brett Favre is destined to be a future Hall of Famer.

  He is one of greatest and most beloved quarterbacks of all time.

  However, it seems to me that Brett is penalizing the Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and his millions of fans by creating a publicity fiasco.

  Call me crazy, but I do not remember anyone asking Favre to officially announce his retirement in March. He was the one that scheduled the press conference.

   No one expected Favre to retire, especially after having a phenomenal season that ended in the NFC championship game!

  Brett defied odds by leading a mediocre .500 team in 2006, to being one drive away from a Super Bowl appearance last season.

  I can bet that even Bears fans shed a tear during his retirement speech.



     Favre explained his rationale in a recent interview with Fox News reporter Greta Van Stone.

  Although Brett admits to “mistakenly retiring”, he claims that the Packers were demanding his decision to play in March.

  At that time, Brett honestly stated that he was not “fully committed” to playing in 2008, but claims that his retirement speech still “left the door open”.




     Let’s take a look at both sides of the coin.

 Is this entire chaos Favre’s fault?

 Or should the Packers management be partially to blame for their lack of patience?


     On June 20th, 2008, Favre and Coach Mike McCarthy spoke via telephone.

  During this conversation, Brett declared his interest in playing again and was looking for commitment from the Packers.

  However, Coach McCarthy advised Brett that the Packers were going in another direction and playing in Green Bay next year was not an option.

  In response, Brett requested release from Green Bay, which was declined; thus preventing Favre from signing to another team.

  Instead, McCarthy offered Brett the chance to play as backup quarterback to Aaron Rodgers.




After placing all of my frustrations initially on Favre, I have begun to spread them evenly to Green Bay management.

  Favre admittedly made a mistake by retiring early. Had he not announced his retirement, this saga could have been completely avoided.

  Nevertheless, Favre has spent 17 illustrious years in Green Bay. He has bestowed upon the city a Super Bowl trophy as well as breaking record after NFL record.

  The man deserves a few months rather than a few weeks to determine his decision on playing the following season.

  I understand that general managers and coaches must plan for the draft and prepare for the following season very early in the year.

  However, Brett has earned the right to take a few more weeks in deciding his future. It seems that a little extra patience from Green Bay’s management could have resulted in a smoother transition into the 2008 season. Green Bay and Brett Favre should be strategizing on ways to further their team next season rather than arguing about release statements.

   Unfortunately, the turmoil continues to brew and the player that I believe will be hurt the most in the end will not actually be Brett Favre. Sadly, it will be Aaron Rodgers.


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