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Feast or Famine – Week 2

Every week I will pick and choose certain players that will produce above (feast) or below (famine) our Fantasy Sharks Player Projections. A couple guys every week may be obvious, but some might surprise you.


David Wilson,
RB, New York Giants

FS Projection: 5 Points

Coach Tom Coughlin hates fumblers and it was a rough first week. The good news for Wilson is that he really is the only effective option. Brandon Jacobs is a non-factor and Da’Rel Scott is not the answer. The New York Giants need Wilson if they have any hope in beating Denver.

Mike Wallace,
WR, Miami

FS Projection: 4 Points

Joe Haden deserves more credit than he is getting for Wallace turning in that abysmal performance last week. Ryan Tannehill can throw the long ball and Miami will take advantage of the subpar opposing defense this week.

Ben Tate,
RB, Houston

FS Projection: 5 Points

Tate was Houston’s most effective running back in Week 1 against San Diego. Coach Gary Kubiak admitted that Tate was underutilized and it will be a more equal split in Week 2 (even though he said that before Week 1).

Chad Henne,
QB, Jacksonville

FS Projection: 14 Points

Every Jacksonville player suffered last week because Blaine Gabbert was in the game. We already know that Henne isn’t going to lead a team to the Super Bowl, but he is an upgrade, nonetheless. This game will not be a defensive struggle.


Vernon Davis,
TE, San Francisco

FS Projection: 16 Points

Guess which is higher: The number of times Kim Kardashian has been married or the number of receptions Davis had in the two Seattle games last year. You guessed it, Kardashian wins. The Seattle Seawhawks have a top-tier defense and they play even better at home. They shut down Davis last year and there is no reason to believe they won’t do it again. Davis had one reception for 27 yards in the two games by the way.

Adrian Peterson,
RB, Minnesota

FS Projection: 24 Points

Detroit stacked eight men in the box on 21 percent of plays last week against the league average of four percent. Peterson averaged 15 yards on 17 carries if you take out his 78-yard run. Christian Ponder is terrible and the league knows it. To make matters worse, Chicago’s defense (especially the run defense) is far better than Detroit’s.

Ray Rice,
RB, Baltimore

FS Projection: 17 Points

Believe it or not – Cleveland has a good defense. Cleveland held Miami to under 1-yard per carry in a game that the Browns were losing. I understand that Rice is tiers above Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas, but this is a similar situation to Doug Martin last week. Temper your expectations.

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