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Finders Keepers

So you bombed this year and now you are picking up the pieces of fantasy shattered dreams. Don’t get down on yourself. There are some talents that were revealed this year which can help you have a great 2010 season.

We all hope to make it to the big game and win our league championships. Some do it for the cash, the respect, or because a league needed a team. The animal that is fantasy football is never predictable, but it can be fairly consistent.

Writers of the game we all love have the toughest job of all. We wear our heart on our sleeves and post for all to see. We aren’t usually the smart guy on the message board who gets his five digs in after the fact. When we fall, it’s usually hard, and face down. We have short memories like a Quarterback that just threw an interception. We have to dust ourselves off and get back on the horse.

Redemption is big as is your bid next year. Get started today. Lock in players whose roles you see expanding. I found a player who meets all the criteria.

Vince Young meet everyone. Everyone, This is VY.

While you were introduced to Young when he took Texas to a national championship, and continuing with his non storybook NFL career. He fell off the map after being benched in favor of Kerry Collins. He sank deep into depression after that and you would be too if you were benched for a hack like Collins.

His career is going to come full circle folks. When you have a threat like Chris Johnson in the backfield that teams game plan to stop, It gives a whole new meaning to the term play action. It gives Young ample time to look and get the ball vertical. Young has really impressed me this year. Kenny Britt is another reason you should be looking his direction. There is no lack of heart with Young either who extends plays three to five seconds longer than most QB’s with his legs. He can make all the throws including a good touch pass, and an accurate deep strike. The Titans line is very serviceable as well.

He makes the climb next year into the top 5 fantasy QB’s next year. I can tell you that I have him that high.

Is he there right now? This week you will see. I think something clicked and he is finally realizing his true talent. Last week Young had three td’s and 246 yards passing. This week I see 240 yards, 2 td’s and 1 rushing TD.

Well folks it’s time to sign off and get some shut eye before the children of the world are looking under the tree for their favorite Bass fishing wii game. I can’t wait.

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