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Finding Value for DraftKings Cash Games – Week 7

I have quite a few “must-have” players this week, but getting them all into a cash game lineup could be tough. There are some guys who have easy to see soft matchups. I don’t see a lot of value in the wide receiver position this week, but I do see it in the tight end position, which means it could be beneficial for you to roster a tight end in your flex spot this week. Remember, for your cash game lineups you’re looking to score around 150 DraftKings points, which equals three points for every $1,000 of your salary cap you spend.


I said last week that Carson Palmer ($6,700) is consistently in the 18-22 point range every single week, and last week he scored 21.7 DraftKings points. Palmer is a great cash game play because he’s reliable. The Arizona run game isn’t the best around and it looks Arizona is a pass-first team right now. This week, Arizona is in a great matchup. Baltimore has given up multiple passing touchdowns in four of the last five games, as well as more than 340 passing yards in four of the last five. Palmer should have no problem getting more than 20 fantasy points this week. He’s a heavy chalk must-have play and there’s a good reason for that.

My favorite quarterback that’s on the cheaper side is Ryan Fitzpatrick ($5,200). The New York Jets travel to New England, who have given up more than 20 DraftKings points to three of the five quarterbacks faced this year. This is the easiest defense that Fitzpatrick will have faced so far this year, so his matchup is favorable. Fitzpatrick needs just a bit better than 15 points this week to have value. I could easily see Fitzpatrick throwing into the upper 200-yard range with a couple of touchdowns, with a slight chance to break 300 passing yards. I see little downside to rostering him at this cheap price.

I don’t see a ton of difference between Tom Brady ($8,500) and Andrew Luck ($7,600) this week. I definitely don’t see $900 worth of difference between them. If you want to roster one of these two I’d go with Luck because of the savings, but I’m staying away from both of them in cash games. There are other value plays like Carson Palmer and Philip Rivers ($6,500) that are cheaper and have close to the same upside and good matchups. It can be tempting to roster these elite quarterbacks but we’re looking for value at the position and these two are just too expensive for my taste this week.

Running Back

Todd Gurley ($5,000) is my must-have running back this week. He’s the best option for multiple reasons. First, he’s the stand-alone top running back for St. Louis. He’s seen 30 and 19 rushes in his past two games. Second, he has a great matchup with Cleveland. Cleveland has given up three 100-plus yard rushers in the past four games. Lastly, he’s cheap. His price of $5,000 for a running back getting a ton of carries in an easy matchup is a simple decision to roster a player in cash games. His floor is very high with the opportunities he’s going to get this week.

The game script doesn’t go in Latavius Murry’s ($6,100) favor this week, but San Diego is very bad against the run and very good against the pass. Five running backs have had more than 100 total yards against San Diego, ranking dead last in the league against running backs. I think Oakland finds out quickly that Murray needs to get the ball if Oakland has a chance to win. Murray has struggled the past two weeks, but playing a weak defense like San Diego should be just the thing to put him back on track.

Adrian Peterson ($7,600) is a running back I’ve got a bad feeling about this week. Detroit has been playing running backs tougher at home. Back in Week 3, they bottled up the Denver running backs. Chris Johnson had to break a long run or his value was gone when Arizona came to Detroit in Week 5, and if Matt Forte hadn’t scored a touchdown last week he was going to have a down game. Peterson came away from the Kansas City game last week with some kind of finger injury. It doesn’t appear serious, but it was enough to make the injury report and limit his practice time this week. I think the game script has Minnesota getting down early and going to the pass, which will limit Peterson’s carries.

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