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THE FIRE SALE: Week 10 Going Up and Coming Down

It’s Week 10. Can you believe it? Fantasy playoffs are right around the corner. I figure if you’ve taken my advice since August, I got you in about seventh place right now.

It’s funny because as I finish up this column I’m watching the Monday night game between the Packers and Lions. I just watched Brett Hundley hand the ball off to Aaron Jones. Think about all the work you do for fantasy drafts. All the research. All the studying. What does it get you? Brett Hundley handing the ball off to Aaron Jones in Week 9.

Brett Hundley has no business being in the NFL. He stunk at UCLA. He never showed anything but a strong arm. A lot of guys have strong arms. You know who doesn’t have a strong arm? Drew Brees. I’ll take him. There’s a former quarterback suing the NFL. I’m no lawyer but if he wants to win that case, just show video of Brett Hundley trying to play quarterback in the NFL.

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Now, on with The Fire Sale

Going Up

Jared Goff, QB Rams

Let me take you back to August. What if I told you that in early November the Rams and Giants are playing and in that game the Rams will be up by so much, Goff will be standing on the sidelines wearing a baseball cap in the fourth quarter. How much money do you think I would have won?

Last year the Giants won 11 games behind a fearsome defense. Goff looked completely out of place in the NFL. One year later, the Rams have the highest-scoring offense in the NFL and the Giants are an absolute laughingstock.

Looking ahead, Goff has the Eagles, Seahawks and Titans during fantasy playoff weeks. The Eagles and Titans games have the potential to be high-scoring. The matchup with Seattle could go either way. I’d feel comfortable about my chances winning a fantasy title with Goff as my quarterback.  There, I said it.

Corey Clement, RB Eagles

When Darren Sproles went down, the fantasy community rushed to tell you all about Wendell Smallwood. I was not one of those people. I told you that Clement was the back most similar to Sproles and while it may take a few weeks, he was the best candidate to replace him. Here’s what I said:

I’m going to take a stab here and recommend Clement in deeper, more competitive leagues. When you look at the Eagles backfield, LeGarrette Blount can’t catch an underhanded throw from me. Wendell Smallwood has some receiving skills but he’s more comparable to Blount in the Eagles offense than he is Sproles. The back that’s the best fit to take over Sproles’ role is Clement. He looked good as both a receiver and runner in the preseason. Let’s be honest, it’s not like he’s battling Le’Veon Bell for playing time either.

Smallwood is going to be the hot pickup this week and he should be. He’s first in line for touches. However, when a player gets injured, I look to see who’s the best fit to replace him. In Philadelphia, I see the best long-term replacement for Sproles being Clement.

Heck, I’m not going to pat myself on the back, I’ll let someone else do it…

Thanks Stewart! Much appreciated. I always said I was special. I knew it. My mom has been telling me for years. Why would she lie?

Clement is coming off a big game on Sunday where he gained 66 total yards on 13 touches and scored three touchdowns. He’s gotten 22 carries in the Eagles last two games. The Eagles have a crowded backfield but Clement is carving out a role. He’s a running back worth grabbing in PPR leagues.

Rex Burkhead, RB Patriots

The Patriots were on a bye last week but don’t forget about Burkhead. I advised stashing him a couple of weeks ago and then Burkhead caught seven passes for 68 against the Chargers. He played a season-high 26 snaps in that game.

Burkhead missed four games with a hamstring injury but he’s finally healthy again. Mike Gillislee has struggled and while Dion Lewis is doing a fine job, he’s not anything special as a runner. Like I said this summer, Burkhead offers the most versatility out of all the Patriots backs. He’s an excellent receiver and he can run between the tackles.

Burkhead still doesn’t have an established role but his ability to do a little bit of everything gives Bill Belichick weekly flexibility to use Burkhead in a variety of ways. I still like him in PPR leagues if you’re looking to add a running back.

Tyler Kroft, TE Bengals

The waiver wires are getting thin and if you never have a good tight end like me, you’re down to Kroft and some guy named A.J. Derby. Kroft is still available in over half of fantasy leagues right now. If you’re searching for a tight end, he’s likely one of the top options left on the waiver wire.

Kroft only caught two passes against the Jaguars but they went for 79 yards. He doesn’t get a ton of targets but before Sunday, Kroft had caught at least four passes in four straight games. He’s also a factor in the red zone where he’s caught three touchdowns.

The Bengals have drafted receivers high in the last two drafts, so obviously they have no receivers. They basically have A.J. Green and Kroft. Isn’t that odd? What happened to all their talent? Whatever is going on there, Kroft is a viable fantasy tight end now. He doesn’t have a huge ceiling but that’s the case with most tight ends outside the Top 10.

If you’re down to guys like Kroft and someone named A.J. Derby, it’s an easy choice. Can you imagine the guy telling you to start A.J. Derby? He’s the type of guy who probably thought Tyler Boyd was going to be great.

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