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The Fire Sale – Week 16

So this was going to be my last Fire Sale of the year, but Fantasy Sharks asked me to write until Week 17. Boy, how can I turn down people who send me a nice golf shirt every year? I’m serious those golf shirts are like second and third in my rotation.

However, I hate to complain, but a few years ago they sent me this green windbreaker. I wear it everywhere. I love that windbreaker. If I had to leave my home in the middle of the night, one of the first things I would grab to take with me is that windbreaker.

I’m not insinuating that I want them to send me a windbreaker this year. I do like the golf shirts but how many do we need, you know? Enough with the golf shirts. I don’t even golf. Everyone loves a nice windbreaker. That’s all I’m saying.

So last week I did my sneaky starts for fantasy playoffs and people enjoyed it, so I’ll go with that format again. I’ll be honest, the sneaky starts are so popular I may just make the Fire Sale one big sneaky starts column next year. That is if I even come back. I may retire. I don’t know. I’m getting old.

Good luck if you made it to your fantasy title game. I went 1-3 in my semifinals. Thanks a lot, Adrian Peterson. Next week I’ll look back at my 2015 hits and misses, like anyone cares.

Now on with The Fire Sale

Sneaky Starts: Week 16

Kirk Cousins, QB, Washington – Cousins plays better at home than he does on the road but the good news is the Philadelphia defense stinks everywhere. Philadelphia allows the second-most fantasy points to quarterbacks. The last time Cousins went on the road he did throw for 300 yards and account for two touchdowns against Chicago. You’ll hear the home/road numbers with Cousins this week but the more important stat is how Philadelphia can’t stop quarterbacks. Cousins is hot. Don’t be afraid to use him.

Karlos Williams, RB, Buffalo

Buffalo RB Karlos Williams.

A Rex Ryan team under .500? That’s shocking. I mean he did have one good season with the New York Jets. I like how Sammy Watkins said Buffalo has to be a “player-driven team.” No kidding. When you don’t have a real coach the players have to run the show. How about that fourth down call last week? Let’s have two quarterbacks on the field at the same time and then run the ball up the middle. Great coaching. Oh yeah, start Williams with LeSean McCoy out. He should get 20-plus touches this week. I really just wanted to take the opportunity to slam Ryan again though.

Bilal Powell, RB, New York Jets – The Jets keep calling Chris Ivory the starter. Okay. I have a team in the finals this week. The team I’m playing has Ivory and Powell. I hope they start Ivory. Powell has now scored at least 19 fantasy points in three straight games in points per reception leagues. Who would you start? The answer is Powell. If you said Ivory, that’s wrong.

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