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How can owners and general managers in the NFL sleep at night?

Think about what’s happened in the first two weeks. New England beat an NFC favorite on the road and a division rival without two of the best players in the NFL. How does that happen? Coach Bill Belichick is so superior to the rest of the league that he can lose his two best players, including an all-time great quarterback, and still dominate the league?

If I owned an NFL team I’d want to know why my coach is Mike Mularkey or Jeff Fisher. Well, Fisher obviously has X-rated pictures of someone important but you get my point. If New England wins two more games with its third team rookie quarterback, the league should just give up. You know, like Dallas owner Jerry Jones did 20 years ago.

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Now on with The Fire Sale

Going Up

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia – Someone tell the Cleveland analytical department that this kid is the real deal. Tell the Los Angeles scout team quarterback, too.

Jerick McKinnon, RB, Minnesota – I’m a sucker for anyone who is a former option quarterback. I’m still hoping the wishbone offense makes a comeback one day. I’m a fan of McKinnon, but I’ll be honest, I still think he’s a bit raw as a runner between the tackles. In the open field he’s amazing.

My hope is McKinnon will get most of the touches with Adrian Peterson out because watching Matt Asiata run hurts my brain. That’s my hope but my head tells me Minnesota will see the same thing I do and Asiata will still have a role. I hope I’m wrong.

Minnesota has gone down the Asiata road twice before and it was a miserable failure. I’ll be targeting McKinnon because of his pass-catching skills and big-play ability but my guess is the Minnesota backfield is a 60/40 split with Peterson out. Asiata is like a bad cold that won’t go away.

Dwayne Washington, RB, Detroit – I lost like every running back in all my leagues last week. I’m going to take a shot on Washington.

Ameer Abdullah is visiting a foot specialist. I’m no doctor but I never go to a specialist unless I’m concerned about something. It took me a while but I believe in Theo Riddick the player. I just don’t believe in him as a 15-20 carry a game back. Assuming Abdullah misses time, Washington is going to have a role in the Detroit offense. He’s a big, powerful back who gives Detroit something different in its running game.

I don’t trust Detroit coach Jim Caldwell as far as I can throw him. That Caldwell against Mike Mularkey battle of the minds last Sunday set football back 50 years. I’m hoping Caldwell does the right thing and gives Washington the ball. Then again, I’m hoping Buffalo coach Rex Ryan says something intelligent at a post-game press conference too. One can dream.

Quincy Enunwa, WR, New York Jets – So this summer, I’m at a pool party about to polish off a bottle of wine. I’m not talking about the small bottle either. Old TC doesn’t mess around with wine. I hammer the 1.5 liters.

I’m talking to my buddy who is a huge Jets fan. This guy knows every single thing about the Jets, so I trust his opinion. I tell him I’m intrigued with Enunwa as a potential fantasy sleeper. He says Enunwa still has trouble attacking the football while it’s in the air. As I take a swig, I respond, “Ah, you’re probably right. Besides, how many targets will he get in that offense?”

Enunwa has 14 targets in two games. He’s caught 13 of them for 146 yards and a score. The guy is a beast. The moral of my story is don’t make final fantasy decisions when you’re knee deep in a bottle of merlot. Enunwa is only owned in roughly 5-percent of fantasy leagues. That’s going to change. He’s one of the top waiver wire targets this week.

Phillip Dorsett, WR, Indianapolis – I’ve been yapping about Dorsett for two years now. All he needs is an opportunity and he’ll be a fantasy stud. He may be getting his opportunity. Donte Moncrief injured his shoulder against Denver. Dorsett has shown flashes in the first two games. If he moves into the starting lineup, Dorsett will make a big fantasy impact. The Indianapolis defense is awful and the team can’t run the football. Andrew Luck is going to have to put the team on his shoulders once again. Dorsett has value as the No. 3 receiver. If Moncrief is out, Dorsett will blow up.

Tyrell Williams, WR, San Diego – I can be pretty reactionary sometimes. Like when I say Jameis Winston is going to be an MVP and then he goes out and has the worst game of his life. I like to go all in on things. I’m all in on Williams. I love his size. I love the way he goes after the ball. In two games he has catches of 44, 38 and 33 yards. The only problem I see with Williams is he plays in San Diego. That means he’ll be out for the year in the next couple of weeks. Since last season, I’ve never seen a team have so many injuries. Did some old voodoo woman put a curse on them because they were thinking about leaving San Diego? If Williams can last more than a month, I see him turning into an every-week fantasy starter.

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