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THE FIRE SALE: Week 3 Going Up and Coming Down

It’s time for a change.

I started “The Fire Sale” almost 20 years ago. I noticed something recently. I’m a dime a dozen. There are a thousand columns that have players going up and down. Mine is by far the best of the bunch but it’s still time for a makeover. Nothing against any of those other authors. I assume it’s an honor and a privilege just to be mentioned in the same breath as me. I’m a legend.

It is shocking, though. Who would have thought something as clever as “Going Up” and “Coming Down” would be mimicked by so many people?

I’ll keep “Going Up” and “Coming Down” but add a few more things to my weekly column. I had someone contact me a while back and say they still like “The Fire Sale” but I don’t fire away like I used to. Well, I just came into a large sum of money. I don’t need the approval of anyone. I can do whatever I want. Let’s fire away.

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Now, on with “The Fire Sale” …

Going Up

Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’m a big joke. Let me explain.

For years I’ve told you I’m the most objective Dallas Cowboys fan on the planet, right? I’ve slammed virtually every Dallas player on earth but admittedly, I love Prescott. So how in the world can I have Prescott going up after last week? Because I don’t analyze with emotion. Fans analyze with emotion. I try to help people win fantasy titles.

If I ask 100 people to name the two best defenses in the NFL, what would they say? If over 90 of them didn’t say Denver and the New York Giants, they don’t know anything about football. Trust me, I study rosters and depth charts three-deep, those are the two nastiest defenses top to bottom in the NFL. Prescott just played them both to start the season, including at Denver. So he got his ass kicked in Denver? Big deal. It happens. You know what smart people like us do? Trade for him.

Prescott and Dallas just played their toughest two-game stretch of the season. It doesn’t matter what your personal opinion is of Prescott. I don’t care if you think he’s overrated. It’s irrelevant. Fantasy football is about stats. It’s not about who is right or wrong at a sports bar. The Dallas offense is going to start rolling again. Other defenses in the NFL simply don’t have the personnel to match up like Denver and the New York Giants can with Dallas.

Prescott scored around 20 fantasy points (depending on scoring) and he hasn’t even played well yet. After another tough matchup this week against Arizona, he has the Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay, San Francisco and Atlanta coming up. What do those defenses have in common with Denver and the New York Giants? Nothing.

Let people say Prescott stinks. Who cares? You don’t need him to win a Super Bowl. He will though. He’s still mustard.

(Author’s Note: Despite the author’s constant claims that he’s being objective when it comes to Prescott, it should be noted that his Facebook profile is him surrounded by his children wearing a Prescott jersey. So basically, everything this man just said is bull****.)

Chris Thompson, RB, Washington

Why is this guy not getting more touches? I get on coaches a lot but let’s be honest, coaching in the NFL is extremely hard. There are only a few guys in the world who are talented enough to do it. On the other hand, sometimes football is simple. Give Thompson the football more. Good things happen when he touches the football. Simple. Stop making life so hard.

D’Onta Foreman, RB, Houston

I love this hoss. Foreman was such a stud in college, even Charlie Strong couldn’t ruin his talent like he did to 90 percent of the players at Texas.

Foreman is the starting running back in Houston, the team just doesn’t know it yet. I’ve never liked Lamar Miller. You can go back and find my columns when he was coming out of Miami. Miller ended up being better than I predicted but I still don’t believe he’s a stud NFL running back. He’s a slightly above-average NFL running back. Houston does have a stud running back. His name is D’Onta Foreman.

Foreman carried the ball 12 times for 40 yards in Week 2 against Cincinnati. Miller saw more touches (21-12) and snaps (49-17) than Foreman, so he’s in no danger of losing his starting job yet. Yet is the key word there.

Foreman is a big, explosive runner who is already eating into Miller’s carries. Just like Derrick Henry in Tennessee. It’s only a matter of time.

Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee

It’s time.

DeVante Parker, WR, Miami

Parker is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL and Jay Cutler is an upgrade at quarterback. Jay Ajayi is also a Top 5 NFL running back. If you’re looking for guys to trade for right now, I’d go after both Parker and Ajayi. Maybe wait until one of them has a down game … if that ever happens.

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