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It’s official. I’m getting old.

Many, many years ago, I was watching TV the first time ESPN did “C’mon Man.” It was towards the end of my run just before I stopped watching ESPN. I thought to myself, “This dumb segment will last a month.”

Well, here we are 10 years later and I have the TV on ESPN waiting for the Monday night game to start. I’m not really paying attention because I’m on my computer working. Then I hear my 7-year-old say, “Oh, C’mon Man. I love this.”

It got me thinking. I really went wrong as a parent considering my son likes the Philadelphia Eagles and “C’mon Man.” If he starts telling me Hue Jackson and Todd Bowles are good coaches, I’m kicking his butt out of the house. I can only take so much nonsense.

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Now, on with the “Fire Sale” 

Going Up

Baker Mayfield, QB, Cleveland

Mayfield had the game I expected from him on Sunday, throwing for 295 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. Look for that to be a typical stat line for Mayfield. He’ll make some mistakes but throw for enough yards and touchdowns to be a starting option most weeks.

Don’t get tied up with trying to predict if Mayfield will be a good real-world quarterback. We don’t care about that. I personally think he will but it’s irrelevant. We only care about stats for fantasy purposes. Jameis Winston is a good fantasy quarterback and I wouldn’t pay him $20 to lead my team. Mayfield is a gunslinger with some weapons. That’s typically good for fantasy owners.

Mayfield is still a matchup play, so keep him on the bench this week against Baltimore. However, upcoming favorable matchups against the Los Angeles Chargers, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Atlanta will put Mayfield in the back-end QB1 discussion.

Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland

You really can’t exaggerate what an awful head coach Jackson is if you tried. In Chubb’s first four games, he’s carried the ball two, three, two and three times.

I understand Carlos Hyde being the starter. I’m not arguing against that. However, how can that beast Chubb have just 10 carries in four games? It’s poor coaching. It’s 2-33-1 kind of coaching.

Chubb got three carries on Sunday. They went for 105 yards and two scores. How long can Jackson keep Chubb on the bench? The guy is so stupid he’s like the mouse that keeps going through the maze and getting zapped. With apologies to Bowles, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coach make so many wrong decisions.

Chubb is one of the most talented young running backs in the NFL. He just needs touches. Hopefully more are on the way. Now we need to trust Jackson to do the right thing. Don’t hold your breath.

Keke Coutee, WR, Houston

Coutee made a big splash in his first NFL game with 11 catches for 109 yards on a team-high 15 targets. The rookie saw an expanded role after Will Fuller left early in the second quarter with a hamstring injury. I know what you’re thinking, Will Fuller got hurt? Shocking, I know. The guy must have hamstrings made of duct tape.

Surprising to see a Houston No. 3 receiver be productive. I was certain Braxton Miller would make a great NFL receiver. Why do teams keep trying that junk? Either play the guy at quarterback or don’t draft him at all. He’s not playing receiver or safety. The New York Jets tried to make Scott Frost a safety. Jesus, there’s a lot of idiots in the NFL.

Fuller is productive in the five games he plays every year but given his injury history I’d make Coutee a priority this week. He could be Houston’s No. 2 receiver against Dallas on an offense starting to hit its stride. Coutee is a smart pickup.

Coming Down

Jordan Howard, RB, Chicago

I just missed on Howard. With the new coaching staff, I thought Howard would be a monster on the ground for Chicago. He’s been a complete non-factor so far this year and I expect Tarik Cohen to only get more touches as the season goes on. If you drafted Howard on my advice, what can I say? You screwed up. You trusted me.

James Conner, RB, Pittsburgh

Le’Veon Bell will reportedly return to Pittsburgh during the Week 7 bye. Speaking of bye, say so long to Conner. No team is trading its future for Bell. He’ll be on Pittsburgh for the second half of the season, sending Conner back to his Ryan Fitzpatrick-like seat on the bench. If you traded for Bell or sold high on Conner, congratulations. You know how to play fantasy football.

Rashaad Penny, RB, Seattle

Seattle used a first-round pick on a third-string running back. Meanwhile, Seattle is on its way to an 8-8 season. You can’t make this stuff up. Have fun with those average backs, Pete Carroll. Your team stinks.

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