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THE FIRE SALE: Week 9 Going Up and Coming Down

The world is an amazing place.

I know it is because I was on Facebook. According to Facebook, everyone is amazing. Everyone is in love. Everyone is a great husband or wife. Everyone’s kid is the most amazing kid on the planet. Every youth coach is the second coming of Bill Belichick. What an amazing world we live in.

It got me thinking for a second. Stick with me here. What if Facebook isn’t real? What if we have created an unrealistic world based on social media that we now all live in? We set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and our children because we think others are living a certain way. They must. We saw it on Facebook.

Remember 10 years ago when going out to dinner was good enough for a person’s birthday? Now people are like going to Paris and buying new cars. Why? Have to put pictures on Facebook. We can’t just go out to dinner anymore. The couple down the street went to Vail for a week. Didn’t you see their pictures on Facebook?

The holidays are coming up. How much we spending this year? $2,000? $5,000? $7,000? I don’t know yet. What do all the happy people on Facebook say?

There’s only one thing I can’t figure out. Every time I go on Facebook everyone is so happy. Everyone has a great life. Yet, people in the world have never been so miserable. Pretty soon I’m going to start thinking that everyone on Facebook is full of sh*t. Nah, it’s 2017. That can’t be true. It must be me.

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Now, on with “The Fire Sale” …

Going Up

Danny Woodhead, RB, Baltimore

I’m going to talk more about the Baltimore backfield later in my column but I tend to bore people quickly, so if you don’t make it that far, I’ll hit Woodhead right away.

Woodhead is currently available in 80 percent of fantasy leagues. David Johnson is still owned in 80 percent of fantasy leagues. I’m stashing Johnson myself but let’s compare the two. The realistic chances of Johnson returning to that dumpster fire of a team this season just so we can win our fantasy leagues are slim. The chances of Woodhead returning are that he’s coming back soon. So, which guy can help you more?

Baltimore has a bye in Week 10. Woodhead is eligible to come off Injured Reserve after the bye week. He could play in Week 11 if everything goes well with his hamstring injury. That may be wishful thinking but the bottom line is he’ll be back by fantasy playoffs barring a setback. Again, I’ll discuss the Baltimore backfield further later in my column but if you’re fighting for a fantasy title, you don’t want Alex Collins. You want Danny Woodhead.


Robby Anderson, WR, New York Jets

I don’t want to say the Jets ONLY have three wins because I didn’t think they would win that many games all season. I’ve been analyzing fantasy players for close to 20 years. I honestly believe the Jets had one of the four or five worst set of receivers/tight end groups I’ve ever seen in terms of fantasy value entering a season.

I still don’t think Todd Bowles is the right fit to be a head coach. He’s an elite defensive coordinator. The Jets like to hire premier defensive coordinators as head coaches for some reason. The guy who is doing an amazing job in New York this year is offensive coordinator John Morton. I can’t think of another coach in the NFL who’s gotten more out of less.

On Sunday, Anderson caught all six of his targets for 104 yards and a touchdown against Atlanta. He has 13 receptions for 215 yards and two touchdowns on 23 targets in his last three games. Anderson is one injury away from having Christian Hackenberg destroy any fantasy value he currently has but right now, he’s making plays in an underrated offense. Grab Anderson if you play in a 12 or 14-team league and need receiver help.

Sterling Shepard, WR, New York Giants

Speaking of needing receiver help, Shepard is expected to return to the Giants offense this week. How many targets is Shepard going to get a game? The Giants are literally using practice squad players and street free agents at receiver. Shepard should easily see double-digit targets most weeks.

Shepard isn’t a real No. 1 receiver but I’m not a real writer either. Sometimes life gives you an opportunity and you just run with it. Now I sit at home in a recliner and money magically appears in my bank account. The only thing I have to do is write half-ass fantasy columns. (Editors Note: You should try editing his half-ass fantasy columns.)

Shepard is going to line up and 10-plus passes are going to magically come his way every week. The only thing he must do is put up half-ass fantasy weeks and we’ll be happy. Think of Shepard as the Thomas Casale of fantasy receivers. An average fantasy receiver who got lucky and is taking advantage of an opportunity.

Vernon Davis, TE, Washington

There are only a few things certain in this world. Death, taxes and Jordan Reed getting injured every year. Actually, I’m exaggerating. People like me don’t pay taxes. The only two certainties in life are death and Reed getting hurt.

The Beanie Wells of tight ends left last week’s game against Dallas with a hamstring injury and he’s already expected to miss Week 9. We know how this story goes as we have all read it before. Reed will miss Sunday’s game against Seattle. Then he’ll be questionable for three or four more games but won’t play. He’ll come back in December, put up one big game, re-injure his hamstring and miss the rest of the season. Does that sound about right?

Davis has been productive when replacing Reed in the past. The Washington receivers are former Ohio State quarterbacks, so Davis is a viable fantasy option over the next month while “Beanie Wells” is out.

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