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The Fire Sale – Week 9

Before we get started this week, I just want to give you the following stat: 4-31.

That’s Ken Whisenhunt’s record in his last 35 games as an NFL head coach. Now I have a couple of friends who coach high school football. Are you telling me they couldn’t fall backwards into a 4-31 NFL record if given the chance?

Whisenhunt is one of the all-time biggest jokes in sports coaching history. Why any Tennessee Titans fan is still attending a game is beyond me. I guess they think they’re real fans. I feel they’re part of the problem but that’s just my opinion. I would boycott that team until Whisenhunt is removed as head coach.

Whisenhunt is a disgrace. Tennessee fans deserve better. For heaven’s sake that franchise gave us Earl Campbell.

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Now on with The Fire Sale

Going Up

Derek Carr, QB, Oakland – Carr is still available is almost half of leagues right now.

I’m not sure how people play fantasy football. Carr has thrown for 622 yards, seven touchdowns and no interceptions in his last two games. He just ripped a great New York Jets pass defense. Not counting the opener when he left with an early injury, Carr has scored at least 20 fantasy points in four of six games this year. What are people looking for?

Carr should be owned in virtually all leagues right now. Not only should he be owned, Carr should be in lineups if your starter isn’t living up to expectations.

Either way, please pick this guy up. Quarterbacks who score 20-plus points and play San Diego in Week 16 are good to have on your fantasy team.

DeAngelo Williams, RB, Pittsburgh – Le’Veon Bell is out for the season and while it’s a devastating blow to both Pittsburgh and fantasy owners, at least Williams is waiting in the wings to take over.

In the two games earlier this season when Bell was serving a suspension, Williams ran for 204 yards and three touchdowns on 41 carries. He’ll see a heavy workload on one of the NFL’s best offenses for the rest of the year.

I’m often asked if there’s a player owners should spend the rest of their free agent money on. Williams is the guy. It’s Week 9 and there may only be one or two other players all year that I would recommend this strongly to unload all your money to obtain.

In one of my leagues I have the most free agent money left. I know many of the owners read this column. I can tell you right now; don’t even bother. I’m going all-in on Williams. He’ll be a top-15 fantasy running back the rest of the way.

Vernon Davis, TE, Denver – Davis must think he’s dreaming. He went from the dumpster fire known as San Francisco to undefeated Denver. I don’t know what Davis did right in another life but it paid off.

First, let’s remember that Davis hasn’t scored a touchdown since Week 1 of last season against Dallas. It’s not like he’s been tearing it up over the last two years. There are a couple of reasons to like him though.

Davis has to feel reborn going to Denver and playing with Peyton Manning. Think about what the atmosphere must be like in San Francisco. It must feel like death in that locker room. Davis hasn’t been bad in the couple of games where he’s had opportunities. My guess is he’ll now look 10 years younger in Denver.

Speaking of looking younger, anyone will look younger than Owen Daniels. I’m pretty sure I could beat him in a foot race right now. That’s not me bragging about my speed. Daniels has looked awful this year. Davis will give Manning another weapon to work the middle of the field.

Davis is still available in most leagues. He’s not going to put up Julius Thomas-like numbers in Denver but it’s realistic to expect him to become a low-end TE1 over the next couple of weeks.

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