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Five QB’s with new homes and their fantasy impact

Free agency plays a significant role in fantasy football. The simple change of a quarterback from one team to another can have a major impact on fantasy value. Here’s a list of five quarterbacks you should be aware of – good and bad – as I break down the QB carousel for 2009.

Matt Cassel

Patriots to Chiefs | 2008 Stats
: 3,639 yards, 21 TD, 11 INT


was a serviceable quarterback for many fantasy owners in 2008. Let’s not look too far into this one though. When you have the electrifying
Randy Moss
that makes QBs look good (see Daunte Culpepper during their Vikings years) and
Wes Welker
that catches everything thrown his way, it’s not too hard to be serviceable. The Kansas City Chiefs wideouts are far from household names and they still lack a threatening running back to open up the passing game. Compared to the success
Cassel had in taking over
Tom Brady
’s team, I expect him to struggle mightily in his first year with the Chiefs. Namesake alone,
is going to draw some attention during your drafts, but you would be best to stay away especially in the early rounds. 

Jay Cutler

Broncos to Bears | 2008 Stats: 4,526 yards, 25 TD, 18 INT

This is an interesting one here and one that could make a big impact on the NFC North Division.
completely changes the dynamic of the QB position in Chicago, but unless
Brandon Marshall
gets his way in Denver (which would be a shame after letting Cutler get his way), there’s no way he puts up 4,500+ yards this year.
Devin Hester
is a dynamic speed threat, but in the NFL you need to be able to run good routes, something he currently lacks in his game.

is a great route runner and there isn’t anyone near his pedigree on the Bears roster. What will potentially work are the makings of a good offensive line with the new addition of Orlando Pace. Toss in a couple of good TEs in Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen, add an above-average back in
Matt Forte
and you have the makings of a well balanced offense. Cutler should still be a hot commodity when drafting QBs.

Kyle Orton

Bears to Broncos | 2008 Stats: 2,972 yards, 18 TD, 12 INT

Since we have a scenario where one QB got traded for the other, it’s natural to view the impact of both in their collective new homes.
is no
, which is why the Bears were willing to pay such a steep price for Cutler.
Denver wanted to avoid any further drama and gave Cutler his wish – something they are surely regretting now that

is taking the same approach. Aside from his horrendous beard and boozing life style that gets plastered on Facebook, Orton had very few moments that would intrigue most fantasy owners. He entered OTAs and minicamps fighting for the starting spot with
Chris Simms
only to be dubbed the starter right away. The Broncos were first in pass protection last year and with weapons like
and Eddie Royal, one would think that Orton would still be able to post some really good fantasy numbers. That will not be the case however. Things are getting ugly with
, and even if he’s still on the roster come training camp, you can count on him holding out. The running back position is also an area where

is suffering. Picking up
Correll Buckhalter
as their potential number one back speaks volumes. Due to this, defenses will be able to plan for a pass heavy offense, limiting an already limited QB.

Jeff Garcia

Buccaneers to Raiders | 2008 Stats: 2,712 yards, 12 TD, 6 INT

Garcia!!?? You say. He’s with the Raiders now and they have like 10 QB’s on their roster now right? Exactly, this is why I am including him here. JaMarcus Russell didn’t exactly come in lighting the league on fire like the Raiders had hoped he would. Last year was his first full year at the helm and he was a bit underwhelming to say the least. He should start this season and deserves to do just that, but expect a short leash and expect Garcia to jump right in and utilize a much-improved offensive line and three running backs waiting to bust out on the scene and become “the guy”. Who am I kidding, just stay away from any QB on the Raiders roster, stay far away.

Brett Favre

Jets to Vikings | 2008 Stats: 3,472 yards, 22 TD, 22 INT

Ah, the final one and the one filled with more ifs and buts than the candy and nuts we give away at Christmas. One if that should be taken off the board is if Favre plays for the Vikings. The writing is on the wall with this one and as of this writing, Favre was reported to have put down $80 thousand on a condo in

The other big if to watch now is if his arm holds up. After starting the first half of the season hotter than a TMZ camera guy on Lindsay Lohan, Favre fizzled down the stretch and cost the Jets a playoff berth. If he joins the Vikings with regenerated strength in his throwing arm and could play to the level of his 2007 season (though that didn’t end on a high note), the NFC in general could get a bit more interesting. Since taking over as head coach of the Vikings, Brad Childress has claimed to have a “kick ass” offense. This could be the first year we actually see that and bringing in Favre would be a career saving kind of move and the end of the
Tarvaris Jackson
experiment. Everyone knows the Vikings are a QB away from becoming a legit Super Bowl contender, but the question is which Favre would they be getting? The one that put up MVP-like numbers in the regular season of his last Packer expedition, or the aging loser tossing up pick after pick in the NFC Championship game of the same season? One thing’s for sure: we can pretend the year with the Jets never happened. Thanks to the Packers little poison pill, that was just a side-step on his way to playing in Purple.

So what can we make of all this in the end? Who on this list should we consider and who should we stay the hell away from?
should still be on your radar, Favre and
Cassel are two that your could roll the dice on with Favre having more fantasy – are your ready for this … upside. Garcia and Orton are two that you should never even consider this year unless you are in need of a backup filler.

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