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FLAVOR OF THE WEEK: Cordarrelle Patterson, Chicago Bears

Even amidst this bizarre Covid driven offseason per usual, hope springs eternal as we approach Week 1. You’re looking at your lineup and think it’s stacked. You think all of your sleepers on the bench are going to hit. You’re plotting out bye week navigation months in advance. Little do you know the carnage that awaits once these mutants take the field over the coming days. Chaos always ensues each September and this season certainly won’t be an exception; I actually think it will be at another level. How can you prepare for that inevitable turn of events? Unfortunately, you can’t, but this is why I prefer a shoot your shot approach to my bench space as Week 1 nears.

Handcuffs and low ceiling veterans seem like a good idea draft day, but then waiver entering Week 2 come around and they’re the first to get sent back to the pool. Rather than occupying my bench space with these options I prefer to take a couple shots on players with a very low probability of hitting, but if they do, then it could be a home run. I don’t think there is a more worthwhile candidate this year than Cordarrelle Patterson. His ownership levels are near single digit % levels across most fantasy platforms and for good reason. He has not amassed more than 500 yards of offense since 2014, so why would anyone recommend picking him up?

The Bears offense was a mess last year. Most of what ails them points back to quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who somehow held onto his job this offseason. Their resources were limited going into this past offseason, but it’s mystifying that more was not done to improve the weaknesses littered throughout this offense. That has led to this potential opportunity as starting running back David Montgomery went down with a groin injury in mid-August. It’s possible he’s fit enough to play this week, but best case, his status remains in doubt until at least Friday and even then until he’s actually playing Sunday, I’m skeptical how he’ll actually perform. Even when he was healthy last year his performance (3.7 yards per carry, 7 total touchdowns) left a lot to be desired. There is nothing of consequence on the depth chart behind him and I don’t believe the Bears intend to increase Tarik Cohen‘s workload. Enter, Patterson.

Will he fill the void in the running game Montgomery leaves open? Will he be more involved as a receiver in a unit that only added Ted Ginn this offseason? And most importantly, will he be productive with his opportunities? I don’t know, but the opportunity is there and if it goes well, then he will be a hot commodity come waiver pickups next week and that’s what his acquisition now is getting you in front of. For all of Trubisky’s struggles he’s had success against the Lions and there are holes in the middle of their defense a weapon like Patterson can exploit. This offense is going to be looking for new ways to be successful this year after being stuck in neutral throughout 2019 and there just aren’t many new toys to give touches. So I get that you may be asking why Patterson, but I’ll retort – why not?

He may be a very low probability hit this week, but that’s exactly the type of player I like on my bench Week 1. WHAT? WHY! Because when it comes time for waivers next week I want my drops to be obvious. I don’t want those handcuffs and low ceiling veterans I mentioned earlier to essentially have been a waste of a roster spot for one week. I want players that probably won’t go berserk, but if they do, then I’m a week in front of the waiver run. And as unlikely as it is that Patterson actually does just that, the path is there for him to both take some work and most importantly – keep it.

This Week’s Flavor of the Week: Shots

What a more appropriate way to kick things off for the mayhem that will be the 2020 season. These may be the gateway to a horrible hangover filled with regrets, but they do on occasion lead to some of the most memorable nights you quite simply don’t remember. So as we embark on this particular NFL season, embrace the chaos. And what better way to do that than take a ride with a 29 year old running back that’s never played running back. Buckle up my friends, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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