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Jays vs Mets in the World Series
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10ball wrote:POST EM' HERE

Division Winners
American League
East: Boston
Central: Cleveland
West: Seattle
Wild Cards: Detroit-LA Angels

National League
East: Washington
Central: Pittsburgh

West: LA Dodgers
Wild Cards: St. Louis-San Diego
I got 1

American League Pennant: Cleveland
National League Pennant: St. Louis

Champion: Cleveland Indians...yes the

AL MVP: Michael Brantley
NL MVP: Paul Goldschmidt

AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez
NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw

(went out on a limb on those)

Nice for me...I got 1 right...I suck
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Toronto vs the Mets and mets win! That's my prediction for this year.

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Mets over Indians