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marty1841 wrote:
mikeraphon wrote:
marty1841 wrote:mc and dominion are always active in here as well....and i'd have a hard time believing that they'd be done. chuckles has repeatedly checked into the main thread as was said by grid he's definitely back. Dom did as well.

that would leave MC and injaneer.

I'd really prefer to see them speak up and declare their commitment to this season. We'll have one chance to refresh the vacant teams in a controlled manor. I don't want to make any assumptions when it comes to owners returning.

Besides, they'll need to be present to vote on your new owners anyway.

well, dom and others declared in the LOT thread earlier, as was what was asked of them. i think that dumping owners who have been here from the beginning, that followed directions given to them, that have been active and productive, would be an awful idea. i get that we're trying to get the openings taken care of, but these are owners who check in like they are supposed to-and have.
you asked for help- i did by simply emailing them, and got an immediate response from both.

No worries, man. We will make sure things happen and give all a chance. Remember mike has had all this dumped on him at once and we have deadlines to meet. So, right now we have to look at:

Owner check in
dues collected
keeper declarations

Lots to do in a short time. Lets all remember that things may not run quite as smoothly with a new chief commish, finding 2 more commishes, and all the associated transitions. This league has been great for a long time, let's keep it that way.

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I will be posting the approach to filling the vacancies and starting the new "official" threads for 2012 here:

Would a MOD please lock this thread?

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