Tebow or Vick

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Tebow or Vick

Poll ended at Mon 12.19.2011, 12:47

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Need some quick help. Who do you like better, Tebow or Vick?
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I'm bumping this thread because I'm facing the same choice.

On the one hand, Vick showed up against the Jets, who have an elite defense, and he ran the numbers on them. Dallas isn't as good, and he tore them apart earlier this year. Then again, he could just have one of his trademark bad days and ruin your (our) day.

Tebow seems like hes trending up, improving with each game. Unless hes devastated by the loss to New England (which, given his sunny exposition I highly doubt) hes more likely to do even better against an inferior team.

Tough call. I'm going to sleep on it and get back to you.

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I would go with Vick. He is the better QB and has lot more weapons at his disposal than Tebow.
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pshew this is a close one! I have a Tebow question myself (viewtopic.php?f=101&t=283215)

I'd say Vick though. Dallas isn't a scary matchup, and he does have a much better offense in general to work in. Weather may be a factor in Buffalo too, and the game could be another 13-3 Broncos win.

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